Wired Magazine has crowned Tel Aviv the world’s second largest center for technology start-ups after Silicon Valley, Haaretz.com reported. As part of a special feature for its September issue the science and technology magazine created a list of 10 European cities that constitute significant centers for high-tech activity. Each city on the list the magazine featured 10 “hot” start-ups chosen by the magazine’s editors and writers as likely to represent the future of the industry. Alongside Tel Aviv, cities that made cut were Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Barcelona, Moscow, Helsinki, Stockholm and Istanbul.
And here’s the list of Tel Aviv companies cited:
1. RankAbove, which also received a mention in the magazine last year, which created platforms for use by search engine optimization experts.
2. JamRT –  whose app TubeHero analyzes songs from user’s iTunes account and transforms them into a Guitar Hero-like game.
3. BillGuard –  alerts clients to problematic credit card charges.
4. Everything.me – creates search solutions for mobile devices
5. Magisto – developed an app for automatic video-editing
6. Commerce Sciences – is behind a new platform for personalizing the internet shopping experience.
7. Tawkon, an app that measures radiation levels in Android and Blackberry phones (Steve Jobs himself refused to offer the app through Apple)
8. Soluto, also on last year’s list, with software designed to “prevent frustration among computer users.”
9. DoNanza – connects freelancers and employers
10. Wix – allows for the rapid creation of new websites.
Two local companies on last year’s list have proven their worth. The Gifts Project, last year’s first place among Tel Aviv start-ups, which allows for Internet-based group gift purchasing, was sold to eBay. Second place was Face.com, which specializes in face recognition technology and was acquired by Facebook in June.
The article also reported that a shot of adrenaline has been injected into start-up activity in the Haifa region for companies in the Internet, mobile device and new media sectors. The hiCenter, located in the vicinity of the Haifa Port, announced this week the launch of the Top Startup Accelerator, a three month program to help entrepreneurs in those industries get their company ideas on their feet. Companies participating in the program will receive up to a maximum seed investment of $20,000 from the program in return for an equity stake between 2.5 and 10 percent in their companies, depending on the size of the seed investment. The first round of the program will include five companies, and over the course of 2013, an additional 10 companies are expected to join the program.
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