Is Jerusalem the next Silicon Valley? CNN Clip
CNN’s Elise Labott spoke with entrepreneur and investor Erel Margalit, head of Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP),  a leading Israeli venture capital firm with over $900 million under management.  Born on a kibbutz, the son of a dairy farmer, Margalit is advancing his vision of turning Jerusalem into an international hi-tech hub. He also sees Jerusalem’s rich cultural heritage as key, in the combination between technology and culture.
JPV’s 300 employees work out of the JVP Media Quarter which includes the JVP Media Labs (a technology incubator), a dozen JVP start-up and portfolio companies, a performing arts hub, “Zappa Jerusalem in The Lab”, and a social profit organization “JVP Community” (Bakehila), which runs educational programs in disadvantaged Israeli and Arab neighborhoods in the city and reaches out to over 3,000 at-risk children and their families.
Check out the clip:
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