Peres presents economic plan to OECD, hears praise from Gurria

Shimon Peres

On a visit to Paris Friday, President Shimon Peres presented an economic plan to involve multinational corporations in addressing the economic needs of developing countries in the Middle East and elsewhere.
Peres presented the proposal on a visit to the Paris headquarters of the  Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
The organization’s secretary general praised Israel during Peres’ visit as an example to the organization’s other members. Jose Angel Gurria said Israel was an asset to the organization and singled out its economic achievements, high-tech expertise and research activity as a model for the other member states. Israel formally joined the OECD in 2010.
During the visit, Peres proposed the establishment of a new international organization comprised of major multinational companies to further economic development in the Middle East and other developing countries.
In addition to instability and terrorism, Peres pointed to unemployment as a major problem facing these countries. He said the plan would help address hunger and the lack of jobs.
The president’s plan calls for the OECD to coordinate and promote development and economic investment projects, infrastructure projects and technological innovations in the Middle East and other developing countries through the involvement of the multinational firms.
Peres said Israel was an example of a country that is able to prosper despite a relative lack of natural resources by investing in technology.
He added that Israel would be pleased to share its expertise.
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