The global food and beverage industry’s premier trade fair is rapidly approaching.

Two years after 165,000 visitors and 7,405 exhibitors gathered in Cologne, Germany for Anuga 2017, the city is preparing for Anuga 2019, which will take place from October 5th-9th. A diverse roster of 16 companies will be part of this year’s Israeli delegation, organized by the Israel Export Institute and the Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

This year’s event will connect some of the world’s most innovative food and beverage companies to potential importers, business partners, distributers and retail chains across a wide range of sectors. Anuga will feature 10 trade shows focused on fine food; frozen food; meat; chilled and fresh food; dairy; bread and bakery; drinks; organic food; hot beverages; and culinary concepts.

Here’s a sample of what the Israeli delegation is bringing to the table:

  • Salt 424’s salts are created from the Dead Sea region – which just so happens to be 424 meters below sea level. The region’s unique climate yields salts with 21 natural minerals at concentrations 10 times greater than in traditional salts. The company produces 26 different flavors of 100% natural salts, including garlic, diamond, black pepper, rosemary, and wildfire.
  • Lin’s Farm – established by a family that’s been cultivating the land of milk and honey since 1935 – is a leading producer of honey and honey products. Leveraging decades of Mediterranean farming expertise and innovative R&D, Lin’s Farm boasts a product line including a wide variety of flavored honeys, tahini products, and antioxidant-rich “superfoods” derived from beehives.
  • Rilbite is a plant-based minced meat produced from onions, tomatoes, soy, white rice, lentils, and simple spices. The company joined the Israeli foodtech incubator The Kitchen in 2018, setting the company on the path to bringing its sustainable meat to market. Unlike other manufactured meat products, Rillbite’s meat contains no added water, making it a more environmentally sustainable alternative. A Rillbite factory is being built in Israel as the company broadens its reach in local and international markets.

Curious to learn more about what’s on the menu at Anuga 2019? Click here.

For more information, please visit or contact your local Israel Economic Attaché.