Tell me what you’d say if you woke up one morning, weren’t feeling well, looked into your smartphone camera for under a minute and an app confirmed you were sick and instantly messaged your workplace notifying them of your health. Now tell me what you’d say if you called your doctor from this smartphone and they performed a remote-health check using your exam camera, tongue depressor and stethoscope.


As the world of medicine is changing, evolving, keeping up-to-date and beyond the tremendous achievements made in recent years in drug, as well as medical and technological equipment development, and with a variety of patient-centred and targeted therapies; a growing knowledge-base and technology industry is making use of advanced digital capabilities and developments. This digital health field combines new and existing innovative technological space that integrates high-tech with healthcare. Digital health provides an effective and innovative response to many diverse activities in the world of health and medicine, which are becoming central to hospitals and pharmaceutical companies that perform clinical trials, diagnostic developments, emergency medicine and specifically home care.


Digital medicine employs medical diagnostics and treatments using innovative means, measuring equipment, communication tools, data analyses, together with patient-monitoring metrics enabled by sensors and advanced (wearable) technological devices. It also now uses mobile applications for diagnostics, monitoring situations and collecting individual data for big-data systems. In addition, it is analyzing databases and providing medical insights for the discovery of therapies and support; tested through clinical trials.


Over the past few years, Israeli innovation has come a long way from cybersecurity and has been increasingly impacting the global medical technology market. is the first solution – revolutionizing personal wellness and medical services delivery. They’ve created a vital sign monitoring solution for everyone, everywhere and their award-winning health and wellness monitoring solutions allow you to extract medical-grade vital signs measurements using only a device you already have, our smartphone camera. Heart rate, heart rate variability, mental stress, oxygen saturation, respiration; all quickly measured through upper-check facial monitoring. Amazing.


TytoCare is the second solution – when a patient is in need to get health answers quickly from a professional, 24/7 medical exams with a doctor, from the comfort of home, is now a reality. No more waiting hours for 13SICK to maybe arrive. Examining the ears, lungs, heart, throat, skin, abdomen, and temperature; remote physicians can make diagnoses and provide prescriptions within a minute. and TytoCare’s solutions were expedited and adapted due to SARS-CoV-2; they stand out from the crowd as future game-changers. Telemedicine and Digital Healthcare was hardly even used a few years ago, now imagine the ramification it has, and will have, not only on the remote population but also the effect on doctors’ waiting rooms. Apps that confirm sickness, which was a thing of science fiction, is now a reality, and we will be using them very soon as more data opportunities grow, producing larger amount of traffic, that is possible through advanced network systems, allowing larger bandwidth with secured data traffic.


Our offices have always been about connecting Israeli technology solutions with local businesses, organisations, entities and governments. Now, we are helping with life-saving technology and are all the prouder. The World should not be left behind, where telemedicine is concerned, for if they don’t adopt the latest technologies (though they surely will) they would not be able to catch up. Israel is a technology-driven economy due to many factors and has reconfirmed this title during the current pandemic. It’s time for the World to wake up, look at their smartphones and ask more from them, act swiftly and smartly, further embrace the startup nation culture of innovation to make this World a globalized smartening-up nation.