Ever since the coronavirus came to light, there seems to be no other topic to talk about. There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the economy to deteriorate at a faster rate globally, but amidst all this chaos, there is hope.

The Health-related companies chosen from nocamels website actively contribute to the growth of a healthy society, worldwide.

Israel, known for its innovation, focusses on new techniques and findings to overcome the short-comings of the global health ecosystem.

  1. IceCure Medical’s core technology revolves around freezing cancer cells. This is done by streaming liquid nitrogen in a closed circuit and then freezing the cancerous cells with the help of a special needle developed by the company. Healthy tissues remain untouched.
  2. Sight Diagnostics developed a device, OLO analyser, that produces blood test results within minutes and all that is needed is a finger prick. The company’s first product viz Parasight was used in Africa and India to detect Malaria.
  3. Ibex Medical Analysis is an AI powered cancer diagnostics company that assists pathologists in detecting cancerous cells in biopsies.  Ibex’s Galen platform has so far helped in detecting breast and prostate cancer.
  4. Zebra Medical Vision is an AI powered medical imaging company recently received an FDA clearance for it’s HealthMammo. The HealthMammo solution is an automatic tool that detects suspicious mammograms and enables faster care.
  5. RealView Imaging is a medical company that developed the world’s first medical holographic system called HOLOSCOPE-i that provides realistic, spatially accurate 3D-in-air hologram. The company is working on it’s next project, HOLOSCOPE-x which will “project 3D holographic images inside the patient’s body, making the patient literally transparent.”
  6. MeMed is a startup that deals with measuring host-immune response proteins from a small sample of blood and applies machine learning to accurately distinguish between bacterial and viral infections.
  7. CorNeat Vision is an ophthalmic medical device company that recently announced its newest solution, CorNeat KPro, a synthetic cornea that bio-integrates with the eye wall.
  8. Tytocare’s handheld medical testing devices help examine the patient’s throat, heart, ears, lungs and abdomen while also measuring the body temperature. This comes in handy for the whole pandemic situation.
  9. NovaSight’s integrated AI-based eye-tracking solution helps to treat lazy eye among children.
  10. Theranica developed a migraine-zapping wearable device called Nerivio. This device is worn on the upper arm, it provides migraine treatment by altering nerve activity through targeted delivery of a stimulus.

Israeli startup companies are famous for their innovative technologies that adapt to new purposes and are renowned for their Innovation.  In the face of difficulties, sustainability and innovation strives. The main activities of the economic representatives is to facilitate foreign investments and creating strategic cooperation with foreign companies.

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Source: https://nocamels.com/