#Research and #Development is the key to the future.

The R&D Fund is the main instrument of the R&D Law. It provides financial #grants of 20%- 50% of approved R&D programs, reaching up to 60% in some areas of the country.

#Investment in R&D means Israeli and #foreign #companies from all #industry sectors have about a dozen reasons to work from Israel. To name a few:

– Large companies (<$100 M) that set up an R&D center in
Israel’s periphery can receive multi-annual (24-36
months) support of 65%-75% for R&D expenses
– Extensive R&D cooperation network with different
countries and regions
– Experience with bi-national Funds.
– Over 40 bilateral industrial R&D support programs all
over the world
– Fruitful cooperation of industrial companies with
academic institutions
– Grants covering up to 66% of R&D in industrial
companies and up to 80% a research institutions
– Hundreds of technological incubators
– Sectoral programs
– R&D Expenses Deduction


For more info on how to apply visit: https://investinisrael.gov.il/BusinessInIsrael/Pages/Investment_incentives.aspx