We are pleased to share with you a new clip that was uploaded to our social media channel that deals with Smart Transportation.

The computerization of motor vehicles and their surroundings is causing dramatic changes in the global automotive industry. This trend offers the Israeli technology sector far-reaching opportunities to become a part of the international automotive industry.

Innovative Israeli technologies are revolutionizing various fields relevant to smart transportation, such as solutions for smart infrastructures, cyber security, drones, and autonomous traffic management.

This short clip explains that beyond solutions that have made their stamp globally such as Waze and Mobileye, Israel is positioned to take the lead in this field both domestically and globally.

The overall message is that if you are looking for the future of transportation, Israel is at the forefront with the world’s most advanced technologies relevant to Smart Transportation and most of the world’s tier 1 car manufacturers already present and tapping local tech scene. Therefore, “Can you afford not to be here”?

Hope you enjoy and share with colleagues and friends!

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