All Israeli Companies Invited to Participate — > if interested please let us know if you apply!

All Israeli Companies Invited to Participate — If interested please let us know if you apply!

Please be introduced to  the “ConstructionStartup Competition 2018”.

The organization we would love to have plenty of Isreali startups attending.

Registration starts April 10th and will be open until June 3rd.

We have launched this global challenge to find entrepreneurs or startups with the ambition of transforming the construction industry, working in any of our four focus areas:

• Improving connectivity within the construction ecosystem
• Urban development
• New trends and technologies
• Reinforcing project finance resources

After the participation and analysis of all projects, we will invite the most promising startups to participate in our Pitch Day, celebrated in Madrid.

The best pitch will be rewarded with 3.000€, apart from that and depending on the jury’s decision, all finalists could receive access to funding, CEMEX’s network, acceleration and incubation programs.

Those people interested in taking part in the challenge can access it through the CEMEX Ventures platform.

Find in the link below all details about this competition.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any doubt or require further information.

Construction Startup Competition

All the Best,