Defensa y Seguridad y HLS

Could Israeli Cyber Firms Prevent the Next Solarwinds?

While the U.S. Government was focused on election security last year, unbeknownst to senior American officials a secret cyber espionage campaign by a major nation-state adversary of unprecedented magnitude was already underway – lethal, stealthy and
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  ​​                             format. The conference developed throughout the years constitutes a significant milestone for the HLS and Cyber international community –
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Tecnología predictiva israelí ataca contra el COVID-19
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INTELLIGENCE IN THE CYBERSPACE – A Special Digital Edition of Cybertech Global for the National Level

When: 9 June, 2020 Time: 17:00 TLV    9:00 Mexico   16:00 South Africa    16:00 Germany Where: On the CybertechLive platform, developed with audience engagement in mind and allows networking opportunities between the participating companies,
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Where There’s an [Israeli] Will, There’s a Way @RAFAELdefense

Star Wars-Like Laser Beam Blasts Drones Out of Sky in Footage Demonstrating Israel’s New Defense System Manufacturers of the Drone Dome C-UAS hailed system a ‘100% success’ #InvestInIsrael
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Israel’s Homeland Security Technologies Are Making the Public Safer Worldwide

Since its inception, security has been a top priority for the state of Israel. With a more than 70-year track record of developing innovative security solutions, as well as a vibrant tech ecosystem, it’s hardly
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Foreign Trade Administration at MILIPOL 2019
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“Water Emergency Relief” – Emergencia y Agua – Israel, del 12 al 14 de junio 2018

Estimad@ Amig@ Es un placer invitarle a participar a la Conferencia profesional de tecnologías y soluciones en los campos de agua para situaciones de Emergencia  “Water Emergency Relief” que se celebrará en Israel del
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