Hearing Red: Innovative Israeli Blood Flow Sensor Start-Up Gets Investment from GE’s Healthymagination Fund


Maintaining adequate blood flow and oxygenation are primary clinical goals for critical care patients. Today, however, a full measurement is only achievable using multiple, often invasive devices. There is a strong clinical need to provide accurate, multi-parameter, continuous monitoring of blood flow and oxygenation in the brain that is both non-invasive and cost-effective.

A Rush of Blood to the Head: An independent probe placed on the forehead gathers data about blood flow and oxygenation.

By using near-infrared spectroscopy combined with ultrasound waves, Ornim’s CerOx is a United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared device that enables clinicians to monitor two critical parameters in adult patients: regional hemoglobin oxygen saturation in the brain or in a region of skeletal muscle tissue beneath the CerOx sensor, and microcirculation blood flow in tissue. It is also the only device that does so in tandem.
A significant GE healthymagination Fund investment is helping to bring the sensor to market. The $20 million total investment in Ornim is being made by GE together with Ornim, and OrbiMed Israel, a leading investment firm dedicated to building world-class biopharmaceutical and medical technology companies.
“Ornim’s technology is not only innovative but it presents great promise to better monitor patients in a critical care setting, providing additional information to aid clinicians in the care of their patients,” said Thierry Leclercq, General Manager, GE Healthcare Systems Life Care Solutions.
GE’s healthymagination fund is an equity fund that makes investments in highly promising healthcare technology companies. It is part of GE’s $6 billion healthymagination initiative, a global commitment to deliver better healthcare to more people at lower cost.

source GE Reports