#HIMSSEurope18 #Sitges – 9 Empresas de Israel – A6 – Next to the Auditorium – Mhealth Israel Pavillon

Estimad@s Amig@s de la Embajada de Israel en España,

Tenemos el gusto de invitarles a:

  • Conocer a las 9 empresas de ISRAEL que estará presentes en HIMSS SITGES el 28 y 29 de Mayo de este año en el pabellón organizado por Levi Shapiro de MHealth Israel y el cual estamos ayudando a promover desde la Embajada de Israel en España.
  • Nos encantaría que pudieran reunirse con cada una ellas en breves reuniones de 15mins. (lo que significaría dedicarnos unas 2.5 horas de tu preciado tiempo)
  • Para gestionarlo, solo tienen que responder este correo con el día (28 o 29 de Mayo) y la hora en que estarías disponible y les organizaré una agenda personalizada para que conozcan las tecnología más puntera de Israel.
  • Cualquier cosa no duden en contactarme con gusto les atenderé – Vanessa!

Aquí las empresas que estarán presentes con nosotros:

mHealth Israel @HIMSS EU – Barcelona, Spain;    28-29 May 28-29, 2018 – (Tentative Catalog, as of 24 May) – Location: A6, next to the Auditorium                                                                              

  1. Fitango Health | Precision Oncology Platform |   com/oncology
  2. IMNA Solutions   |   Secure Communications in Healthcare |   net
  3. WoMBA I   Telemedicine and Health Data Solution |   org
  4. RMDY I   SaaS platform for Digital Therapeutics solutions |   health
  5. eDevice I   Health connectivity platform for medical devices |   com
  6. DreaMED Diabetes I   Cloud-based decision-support system for diabetes treatment |
  7. TYTO Care   I   Telehealth diagnostic and treatment platform |   com
  8. Healthymize I   Voice analysis and monitoring for medical-grade remote patient care |   com
  9. mHealth Israel I   Helping Israel’s digital health startup community achieve co-innovation partnerships with leading global players |   com

More Details of the Companies:

Fitango Health 

Precision Oncology Platform

Contact: Dr. Dov Biran, Founder and CEO at


  • Fitango provides an end-to-end, oncology care and engagement platform focused on improving outcomes in a value-based environment.  With innovative technology in clinical decision support, combined with information about continually-renewed advancements in genetics, clinical trials, and treatments, clinicians are able to create custom, evidence-based, regimens for optimal personalized treatment plans. As an integrated platform, on the patient side, the platform ensures that patients and their families are informed and involved throughout the patient journey.


IMNA Solutions

Secure Communications in Healthcare

Contacts: Israel Haikin, CEO at

Meirav Naor-Weinstock, CMO/CBDO at


  • IMNA Solutions is developing a regulated digital person-centric registry, assisted by structured data and AI technologies, to empower healthcare providers with the tools to detect, diagnose and prevent chronic pain diseases.

This uses a solid foundation of secure communication between caregivers and patients to gather meaningful physical, emotional and social data via AI technology. Voice analysis and smart learning algorithms are used to identify trends, improve patient care, enhance physician workflow, and provide actionable decision-making for chronic pain conditions. This helps to improve care management for patients at home and patients with multiple chronic conditions who need daily or near-daily interventions to manage their health and avoid hospital readmission.

The capture and visualization of patient health data enables actionable insights for patients, clinicians, and researchers – resulting in better treatment and better outcomes. Currently conducting clinical trials and partnerships with the Global Pain Initiative, a non-profit seeking to cure chronic pain.



Telemedicine and Health Data Solution

Contact: Heinz Gänsslen, CEO and Don West COO/CFO, at


  • WoMBA offers the first EU GDPR certified video-consultation application in Germany.  This allows patients and doctors, as well as corporate healthcare providers, to organize, schedule and carry out personal consultations over a completely secure, peer-to-peer connection.  The consultation can be carried out using a smartphone, tablet or PC/laptop, from anywhere in the world.  This offers applications for patients with long term conditions who need to see their physician regularly, but may have difficulty with physical access, or obtaining a timely appointment; with patients seeking advice about a condition they feel may not warrant a hospital or clinical visit, or who do not wish to wait until a face-to-face appointment is available; and for individuals working or traveling abroad requiring access to medical advice in their own language.  The advantages:
    • Minimal wait for an appointment
    • No need to visit the physician’s office
    • Completely secure and certified video connection
    • Available anywhere in the world
    • The telehealth platform is accompanied by a health data solution for Germany.  This offers the ability to aggregate a patient’s complete health record in seconds. It can also retrieve data from wearable medical devices and track that data over time.



SaaS platform for Digital Therapeutics solutions

Contact: Dr. Amir Kishon, CEO at


  • RMDY Health is a leading provider of turnkey Digital Therapeutics built for the health and wellness industries. Through RMDY, companies can easily and quickly create powerful white-label digital health programs to connect with patients, drive engagement and improve outcomes, with extreme efficiencies. The RMDY platform is a SaaS-based, enterprise-level patient engagement system that includes a suite of personal health applications connected to a coaching framework, social interactivity, and a personalized flow of content specifically honed for the special needs of health and wellness companies. Our flexible Digital Therapeutics solutions take the complexity out of going digital to support a range of clinical and therapeutic goals around prevention, adherence, weight loss, condition management and lifestyle modification. RMDY solutions are used by digital health startups and industry-leading companies, including Medtronic, Methodist, IBM/Phytel, Rite Aid, Vitality, American Heart Association, Premera, VillageCare and others. RMDY Health is an international company headquartered in New York with research and development in Tel Aviv, Israel and Ukraine.



Connected Health Platform for Medical Device Manufacturers and Health Systems

Contact: Michael Freudmann, VP, Sales & Business Development,


  • eDevice is the leading provider of connectivity solutions for the Healthcare industry. For fifteen years, market leaders have relied on the company’s technologies and expertise to transmit medical data between their patients and their systems, resulting in hundreds of thousands of connected patients to date. eDevice is the only company able to offer all the necessary components for the deployment of global connectivity solutions in a medical-regulated environment: medical hubs, worldwide cellular services, secure and interoperable cloud infrastructure, data and traffic management portals, medical front-end for patients and care management. Dedicated to quality, eDevice’s solutions are ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 certified and include FDA listed devices. Through partnerships with technology leaders, the company brings innovative and reliable connectivity solutions to medical device manufacturers and currently connects more than 600,000 patients across the globe.


DreaMED Diabetes

Cloud-based decision-support system for diabetes treatment

Contact: Oranit Ido, Chief Marketing Officer,


  • DreaMed Diabetes develops innovative and patient-centric healthcare solutions that optimize insulin therapy for people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. The company is bringing glycemic control to patients everywhere, with personalized medicine that improves their quality of life and lowers overall treatment costs.  DreaMed’s Advisor is a continuously learning cloud-based decision-support system for optimal treatment plans, increasing glucose control and improving health outcomes. The AI-driven solution processes real-time and retrospective patient data from all connected devices and personal inputs, including insulin pumps, glucose monitors, diet information, physical activity trackers, daily logs, and more. Using adaptive learning, Advisor progressively refines its understanding of each case, providing actionable recommendations as effective as those of expert endocrinologists – but much faster. Advisor is CE certified (FDA clearance pending).  DreaMed Diabetes’ multidisciplinary team brings together the most innovative minds in endocrinology, software design and biomedical engineering, including Founder and Chief Science Officer Professor Moshe Philip.



Telehealth diagnostic and treatment platform

Contact: Eyal Baum, Senior Accounts Director,


  • Tyto Care is transforming primary care by putting health in the hands of consumers. The company seamlessly connects people to clinicians to provide the best remote home examination and diagnosis solutions.  Tyto Care has three telehealth products: TytoHome™ for consumers, TytoPro™ for professionals, and TytoClinic™ for remote point-of-care locations. All solutions are designed to replicate a face-to-face clinician visit and include a hand-held modular examination tool for examining the heart, lungs, skin, throat, ears and body temperature; a complete telehealth platform for sharing exam data, conducting live video exams and scheduling visits; a cloud-based data repository with analytics; and built-in guidance technology and machine learning algorithms to ensure accuracy and ease of use. Tyto allows for simple integration with EHR systems and other telehealth platforms.



Healthymize voice analysis and monitoring

Contact: Maura Rosenfeld, COO,

  • Healthymize, winner of the 2017 mHealth Israel Startup Competition, provides personalized, AI-based voice monitoring and analysis for prediction of flare ups of voice-affecting diseases, such as COPD, asthma, and heart failure. The company is piloting with several US health system and seeks European partners in remote patient monitoring, home care and telehealth.


mHealth Israel

Israel’s largest community for connected health innovation

Contact: Levi Shapiro, Founder,

  • mHealth Israel, a five year old nonprofit with more than 5,000 members, has a mission to transform Israel into a digital health superpower. It maintains a comprehensive industry database, and convenes monthly educational events, webinars and private CEO dinners. mHealth Israel leads four annual startup roadshows (EU, US and Japan) and hosts Israel’s largest annual digital health conference, December 12-13 in Tel Aviv. Working closely with elite health systems and other healthcare industry players, the focus is on co-innovation projects that transform both the Israeli startup and the international partner.

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