CleanTech Map of the world launched – highlights Israeli technologies

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Israel NewTech is launching an exciting new tool to showcase Israeli companies’ projects in the cleantech arena throughout the world – the CleanTech Map. This Facebook application allows visitors to view Israeli cleantech projects and installations anywhere in the world. Visitors simply go into the map, and search by either category and subcategory (for example – water- desalination) or by browsing the map. Visitors may then read about each project, view photos or clips, and contact the company. “We’re very excited about this new application,” says Adi Yefet-Beeri, who is responsible for the water sector at Israel NewTech. “Our objective is to open doors for Israeli companies around the world, and to inform about Israeli technology innovations, and this is a perfect vehicle for doing so. We believe it will be a strong marketing tool that all Israeli cleantech companies – from water, to alternative energy, agriculture and environment – can benefit from and use to advance themselves internationally.” “Israel is already known as an innovation leader in water and renewable energy,” says Ophir Gore, who is responsible for renewable energy at Israel NewTech. “We are showing that, beyond technology breakthroughs, Israel’s water and alternative energy industries are mature. There are hundreds of installations, functioning projects by both young and mature companies, providing cleantech services around the world.” Oded Distel, head of Israel NewTech, summarizes, “Israel’s cleantech industry is experiencing a tremendous momentum. When the Israel NewTech program began its activity in 2006 Israel’s exports in the water sector totaled $600 Million, in 2011 they already reached $2 Billion. Our program is dedicated to continuing to provide maximum international exposure to Israel’s cleantech companies, and this Cleantech Map is another important tool in our efforts.” You are welcome to visit the Cleantech Map and see Israeli companies’ projects around the world by clicking here. Some of Israel’s largest companies, along with innovative start-ups already have projects on the map, including: AmiadTahalChromagenDiffusaireEmefcySolaris EnergyPower SinesMapal, and Takadu. The projects span the world from Australia, India, Nepal, Mongolia in the East, to the U.S. Brazil, Mexico, Equador in the Americas, as well as Europe and of course Israel.  


Israel’s IDE to help build largest desalination plant in U.S.

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Israel NewTech reported that IDE Technologies will take part in the building and maintaining of what will be the largest desalination plant in the U.S., using the company's reverse osmosis technology, under a deal that totals $650 Million for IDE. As reported in Globes, IDE  has signed a $150 million contract with one of the largest desalination ventures in the US to plan and supply equipment for the plant, which will be built near the Encina power station in Carlsabad, in San Diego County, California. Reuters estimated the plant to be a nearly $1 Billion project and stated that its objective is to help alleviate the region’s water shortage. The facility, expected to begin operations in 2016, will produce 54 million gallons (204,412 cubic meters) of potable water each day, making it the largest sea water desalination plant in the United States, IDE said in a statement on Thursday. The company also reached a 30-year operation and maintenance agreement with Poseidon Resources, which last week said it had secured $922 million funding for the project. Poseidon Resources, a subsidiary of Poseidon Water, said the treated water will be delivered into San Diego County's water system. The plant will use IDE's reverse osmosis technology, which requires less energy and is friendlier to the environment than thermal-based systems. It is part of a plan to have 7% of the region's water supply come from desalinated sea water by 2020. “The Carlsbad Desalination Project is a significant milestone for us, California and the U.S. at large, as we believe it will set the stage for the future of desalination in America,” said Avshalom Felber (in WaterWorld), CEO of IDE Technologies Ltd. “For decades, we’ve successfully completed similar projects in countries all over the world, and we’re excited to be a part of what will be the largest desalination plant in the U.S." Waterworld also quoted Mark Lambert, CEO of IDE Americas, “Our view is that the Carlsbad project that we’re about to embark upon will accelerate both the visibility of desalination in North America and the ability of potential clients, both public and private, to understand how creative project delivery, creative finance and innovative process design allow these types of projects to happen. The movement in the U.S. toward desalination has been a long time coming, and we’re ready to lead the charge.” IDE is also helping to construct the largest reverse osmosis plant in the world in Israel. The company is jointly owned by Israeli conglomerate Delek Group and Israel Chemicals.

Israeli delegation brings urban water expertise to India

Distel and delegation tour India

“There is a an almost uncanny fit between India’s needs in the urban water arena, and what Israeli companies are able to offer,” so says Abraham Tenne, VP Desalination at Israel’s Water Authority following a visit last week to India. The visit was one implementation of an agreement signed this past February between the two nations aimed at fostering cooperation, with a focus on urban water management. The delegation of Israeli water experts included, in addition to Tenne, Oded Distel, head of Israel NewTechZohar Yinon, CEO of the Jerusalem Water Authority “Hagihon” , and Elisha Arad of the Standards Institute of Israel. The experts toured the Raipur water system, as guests of Taran Prakash Sinha, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation Raipur. Raipur is the capital city of the state of Chhattisgarh, with a population of over a million, and its urban water system is in need of a major transformation. The Indian participants in the Raipur visit were very interested in learning from Israel’s experience in the management of water systems and urban wastewater.

Distel and delegation tour India

Following this visit, the delegation continued on to Delhi, for a seminar sponsored by the Indian Ministry of Urban Planning. The seminar was attended by 50 representatives of urban water utilities from all over India. We spoke with Oded Distel just after the event. “India presents huge challenges in urban water planning. First and foremost, a change in ‘concept’ is needed, one in which people begin to perceive water as the precious resource that it is.” Distel continued, “Once this change in perception occurs, then changes can be achieved in urban water supply, management, measurement, pricing and collection. This is a very dramatic change, but the community of Indian urban water professionals appears poised to make it.” Abraham Tenne of the Israel Water Authority also told us about the Delhi conference. “India today is roughly in the situation in which Israel was 10 or so years ago, with 12 different government ministries responsible for urban water. This created a lot of confusion and inefficiency, which was solved when water treatment was placed under the leadership of the Water Authority. The Indian water community looks to Israel as a sort of guru, they know the Israeli water industry very well and hold it in very high regard.” The Delhi conference included one on one meetings between the many Indian water professionals and water utility heads who attended, and the Israeli water technology companies who came to India on the delegation: BermadAriAmiadMekorotTahalPowercom, LR, Mira HoldingsAqwise and Arad. Yoni Ben Zaken, the Israeli Economic Attache in India, concluded, “Raipur is a starting point, but there are 600 more cities in India with a similar urban water situation and needs, so the market potential is very significant.” For an album of photos from the delegation's visit click here. Original source of the article: Israel NewTech Blog

Distel and delegation tour India