2 new Panels at the WTO

Yesterday, at a special meeting of the DSB, two panels were established.

The first one relates to DS482: Canada — Anti-Dumping Measures on Imports of Certain Carbon Steel Welded Pipe from the Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu.

Chinese Taipei pointed out at a previous DSB meeting the inconsistencies of Canada’s anti-dumping measures and its relevant laws with the WTO Agreements. Since then, there had been no signal of intention to remove the measures and modify the relevant laws. In that regard, Chinese Taipei had no choice but to request, for the second time, the establishment of a panel to examine this dispute. Canada expressed its disappointment that Chinese Taipei had made a second request for panel establishment. Canada was of the view that its measures are consistent with its obligations under the WTO Agreement.

Third parties: China, EU, Korea, Norway, United Arab Emirates and the United States.

The second one relates to DS483: China — Anti-Dumping Measures on Imports of Cellulose Pulp from Canada.

Canada was of the view that China’s measures were inconsistent with its obligations under the Anti-Dumping Agreement and the GATT 1994. China said it was disappointed that Canada had requested panel establishment and was convinced that the concerned measure was consistent with its WTO obligations.

Third parties: Chile, EU, Japan, Korea, Norway and the United States.