Bali Package at the WTO MC9 Ministerial

At the 9th Ministerial Conference, held in Bali, Indonesia, from 3 to 7 December 2013, ministers adopted the “Bali Package”. The Bali Package is a series of decisions aimed at streamlining trade, allowing developing countries more options for providing food security, boosting least-developed countries’ trade and helping development more generally. Ministers also adopted a number of more routine decisions stemming from the regular work of the WTO.

You can find more information regarding the Bali Package documents here

Israel was involved in the negotiations at every step of the way. Israel’s Minister of Economy Naftali Bennett attended the Ministerial Conference and delivered a speech at the Plenary session, which you can view here

Israel also attended the GPA Ministerial and informed participants that we are close to ratifying the revised GPA hoping for a speedy entry into force of the Agreement. A picture of the GPA parties’ Ministers can be seen below.

Ministerial Conference 2013