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Precision systems for sustainable irrigation

Even if mother nature gives more water to some countries (Switzerland) than to others (Israel), sustainable irrigation has become a significant issue for the agricultural community worldwide. In areas of the world where water is
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WTO Members reach consensus on the final decision on Bali tariff rate quota underfill mechanism

WTO members reached an important agreement on 31 March which will help address continued “underfill” of tariff rate quotas (TRQs) on agricultural imports. The decision by the General Council marks the end of long discussions
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A look at the WTO Committee on Agriculture following its 100th session

A special event on 17 March marked the 100th session of the Committee on Agriculture where Director-General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala praised the achievements of the Committee over the past 27 years and highlighted its important role
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Israeli Agricultural Reform: lowering import tariffs and other barriers to trade

In a bid to lower the high cost of living in Israel, the Government has implemented a major reform to increase competition in the agricultural industry, increase the range of products available to the consumer
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Sixth EGA round

  Early in May envoys from the 17 WTO members negotiating parties to the EGA met in Geneva for the sixth round of talks to lower tariffs in a yet to be agreed list of
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From Bible to Boutique: Israeli Wines Come of Age

Ask some wine drinkers what ‘Israeli wines’ conjure up and many would describe a sweet, sticky concoction served at your average bar mitzvah. Indeed, for the first century-and-a-half of the Holy Land’s rejuvenated wine industry,
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Agricultural Innovation takes center stage – Agritech 2012

“Agricultural technology is experiencing phenomenal momentum today, similar to what the water industry experienced a few years back,” says Oded Distel, head of Israel NewTech. We spoke with Distel about new trends
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