Investment Trends in Israel’s High-Tech Scene: H1 2023 Overview

Despite challenges in the global tech sector, Israel’s high-tech ecosystem continues to attract global attention and investment. Several start-ups raised substantial amounts, with companies such as Wiz, Transmit Security,
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Israel – A global leader in WaterTech

Water is arguably the most important commodity on earth. As important as crops, metals and energy are to the planet, none of them matter without water. Every agricultural crop that feeds the planet needs it
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DDG Paugam urges ministers to harness WTO potential for advancing agricultural innovation

WTO Deputy Director-General Jean-Marie Paugam emphasized the role of the WTO in supporting climate-friendly innovation in agriculture on 9 May at the “Agriculture Innovation Mission (AIM) for Climate Summit” in Washington D.C. organized by the
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Upcoming Trade Dialogues on “High Tech Foods and WTO Rules”

We are looking forward to Thursday’s WTO Trade Dialogue on Food with the topic High Tech Foods and WTO Rules. Israel is home to one of the most vibrant, forward thinking food-tech ecosystems in the
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The Israeli AgriFood Tech Sector

Israel has long been a trailblazer in the field of AgriFood-Tech, having been forced to innovate in order to overcome unfavorable growing conditions. Its landmark achievement was the invention of drip irrigation, a novel way
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Israeli EV Industry

Carbon pollution is a global concern and transitioning to electric vehicles is one of the most effective ways to reduce it. The Israeli Auto-tech industry is playing a significant role in the effort to develop
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Members meet to take stock of environmental work

On 2 December, the WTO’s Trade and Environmental Sustainability Structured Discussions (TESSD) held a high-level stocktaking event at ambassador level, to review progress made throughout the year and signal priorities for future work. The session
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Adopting Israeli clean-tech solutions vital to solving global energy challenges

Rapid global technological improvements and the desire to decrease the costs of energy resources, along with the increased uptake of smart energy and renewable energies have pushed countries to think of innovative ways to power
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Trade must be a cornerstone of climate action, urges World Trade Report released at COP27

The 2022 edition of the WTO’s World Trade Report presents new analysis and recommendations on how international trade and greater cooperation can amplify global efforts to address climate change and put the planet on a
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Self-inflicted water shortage

Self-inflicted water shortage Water is the most precious resource on earth! Water is the key ingredient to everything, whether it is to grow, manufacture, consumed, clean, or anything else, it cannot be performed without water.
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