Israeli trusted solutions in financial fraud detection

category: Finance, Investment
Many crimes are typically committed for financial gain. The same applies to cybercrime which is being conducted more frequently for financial gain. Financial fraud incidences have increased in tandem with the enormous expansion in the
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Israel’s economic delegation in Switzerland

Switzerland, the world’s 20th largest economy, is a small country but very developed one. Even though it has a similar population size as Israel (8.5 million people), the Swiss economy is about twice the size
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Is Jerusalem the next Silicon Valley? CNN Clip

Is Jerusalem the next Silicon Valley? CNN Clip CNN’s Elise Labott spoke with entrepreneur and investor Erel Margalit, head of Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP),  a leading Israeli venture capital firm with over $900
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Israel’s economy wins praise from OECD secretary general

category: Finance, General
Angel Gurria, secretary-general of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), praised Israel’s economy at a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Finance Minister Steinitz, as reported in
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Agricultural Innovation takes center stage – Agritech 2012

“Agricultural technology is experiencing phenomenal momentum today, similar to what the water industry experienced a few years back,” says Oded Distel, head of Israel NewTech. We spoke with Distel about new trends
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Teva to raise $1.5b in Switzerland

category: Finance, General
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. will raise $1.5 billion in euro and Swiss franc denominated bonds in Switzerland. The company did not disclose the interest rate or maturity of the bonds. Globes
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Bank of Israel revises growth forcast upwards

category: Banking, Finance, General
The Bank of Israel has revised its GDP growth forecast for 2012 upwards to 3.1% from its previous forecast of 2.8%, reports Globes. The Bank of Israel research department
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