China’s 4th TPR

Last week concluded China’s 4th TPR (the previous was held in 2009). It is important to note that this TPR holds the record number of questions filed with over 1720. The discussant for the review was the Ambassador to Denmark, Mr. Steffen SMIDT.

In general terms, China received overall praise and recognition on its impressive economic growth in the past few years, and especially since its accession to the WTO. It was stated that China has become the world’s second largest exporter (after the EU) and remains the third largest importer (after the US and EU) of goods and services. Members recognized that China has become an important force in the multilateral trading system, and particularly in the WTO with its active participation in several areas. However, most of the comments by developing and LDCs comments remained on this note, but some developed countries called for further developments in areas such as transparency, foreign investment, IP enforcement, reduction of trade remedies and China’s accession to the GPA.