DSB meeting March 2012

Last Friday’s regular meeting of the DSB, saw the formal introduction of the new Chairman of the DSB, the Ambassador of Pakistan Shahid BASHIR. On other items of the agenda it is worth noting the following: 1) in the China – Audiovisuals dispute, China and the US informed the DSB that they have been discussing an MoU relating to films for theatrical release, and expect to conclude it briefly. 2) in the China – Raw Materials dispute, China that it intends to implement the AB and Panel recommendations in a Reasonable Period of Time (RPT), the terms of which will be discussed with the EU, US and Mexico. 3) in the Panel and AB Report in US – Large Civil Aircraft, the US and the EU reiterated their long-standing views on the recommendation by seeing the recommendation as a victory. The report found illegal US subsidies to Boeing of roughly 5.3 billion. However, it is important to remember that last year, the AB found a similar illegal subsidy from the EU to Airbus equivalent to roughly 13.7 billion euros. Finally, the selection committee for the AB is currently receiving nominations for the AB Member position that will be vacant in June. A decision on Mr. Shotaro Oshima’s (Japan) replacement is expected to be issued on May 11. Japan has submitted 2 nominations.