DSB Special Session

Today, WTO members agreed at a special meeting of the Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) to give Korea and the United States further time to discuss a possible settlement in the dispute initiated by Korea regarding a US safeguard measure on large residential washers.

Korea and the United States jointly asked the DSB to agree that, no later than 5 October 2022, the DSB will adopt the panel’s findings in the dispute “United States – Safeguard Measure on Imports of Large Residential Washers” (DS546) unless (i) the DSB decides by consensus not to do so or (ii) either party to the dispute notifies the DSB of its decision to appeal the ruling.

The DSB agreed to accept the joint request from Korea and the United States.

The request was the second time Korea and the United States had sought the DSB’s green light to extend the discussions. A first request was approved by the DSB on 8 April for a period running until 7 July.

Korea said it hoped to have an amicable solution with the United States to the dispute as soon as possible.

The United States said the Korea-US request would facilitate the resolution of the dispute and that it remains open to further discussions with Korea on the way forward.

The panel in the DS546 dispute issued its report to WTO members on 8 February 2022. A summary of the findings is available here. Under the WTO’s Dispute Settlement Understanding, a panel report must normally be adopted by the DSB within 60 days of the report’s circulation to members unless either party notifies its intention to appeal.