How Israeli FoodTech can help reduce sugar consumption in Switzerland

With a market replete with chocolate and sweets, Switzerland’s sugar consumption is among the highest in Europe.[1] According to the FAO, global sugar consumption is forecast to increase for another consecutive year, [2] the consequences of which can precipitate multiple health conditions, including obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Legislative attempts by the Swiss government to dilute sugar consumption have been to no avail. In truth, the sugar industry is a lucrative business in Switzerland, which is home to a number of food and beverage corporations. The overarching challenge is how to balance business with consumer wellbeing, such that sugar is consumed in moderation.

The advent of FoodTech as a rising industry may be a critical key in solving this dilemma, as innovative companies seek to find healthy substitutes and alternative solutions to stem the steady flow of sugar consumption. Among these novel solutions include a device to extract natural sugars from orange juice, a natural sugar alternative based on real cane and beet sugar, and a sugar replacement product that uses a proprietary composition of commercially available natural ingredients. These technologies and sugar substitutes from BlueTree, DouxMatok and Resugar, respectively, are among the multitude of emerging Israeli technologies offering a foretaste into the future of food.

At a moment where the world is at a critical juncture between managing consumer demand and producing sustainable solutions, the Israel Economic Trade Mission to Switzerland, is pleased to welcome these sugar reduction startups as part of a delegation of 10 Israeli companies that will be visiting Switzerland on 19th – 21st September 2023. They will tour the country and meet with Swiss corporations, innovation hubs and other stakeholders to explore synergies leading to fruitful collaboration.

As we beckon in the age of cutting-edge food technologies, we look forward to this delegation which will feature impressive alternative protein solutions, revolutionary packaging technology, and healthy food all round, in an endeavour to turn the tide of unhealthy consumption and lay the foundation for a more sustainable future for the food industry.

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