Life Sciences Israel 2013

Global Medtech & Biopharma executives meet at the business development/partnering event of the year in Israel!


Pre-arrange your meetings with Medtronic Devices, Bayer Pharma EU, Hoffman–Roche Asia, Teva, GCP China, Semita Capital, Merck, Assign Group, Swiss Medtech, MLM Labs, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma AG, Health–made in Germany, Rambam Medical Center, Actellion, MSD, Europe, Sanofi, Grecon devices, Poland, ABF Pharmaceuticals, EuroMedChina, BioNegev, Peakfactor and many more..

Medtech & Biopharma Partnering under one roof is an added value that Life Sciences IsraelTM brings!!!

More commercial added value that partnering at Life Sciences Israel™ 2013 brings:

• Life Sciences Israel™ 2013 is the only conference in Israel combining the industry’s most advanced collaboration software with best practice implementation, partneringONE® ensures that Life Sciences Israel™ will be a world- class partnering event.

• One visit to Israel to access a whole innovative and cooperative market. Pre–qualify and schedule only the meeting that suits you and define the times you want to meet.

You can find more information here