TRIPS Council meeting

Last week’s meeting of the WTO’s TRIPS Council main issues of discussion were: counterfeit goods, exceptions and limitations to copyright, and the long-running dispute over a Cuban rum trademark.

On counterfeit goods, there was a submission suggesting that counterfeit goods can have negative health consequences. In the submission, some tools and technologies were identified in having been successfully implemented in some countries in order to provide innovative solutions to counterfeiting. Such tools are: serialization, bar code symbologies, radio frequency identification tags, holograms and watermarks and covert features on products.

In other issues, there was a briefing on the ongoing negotiations on exceptions and limitations to copyright for the visually impaired at the WIPO. The WIPO negotiations are set to continue on 16-25 July.

Lastly, the Panel and AB ruling in the DS176 dispute related to the registering of trademarks in the US involving Cuba was brought to discussion under the Council, even though it is a constant matter of discussion in the DSB.