Due to COVID-19 some our work has shifted online, like a Webinar we organized with ABB

Due to the travel restrictions arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, our office has sought alternative virtual channels to create opportunities for technological and business collaboration between Israeli tech companies and foreign entities.

As such, we can organize a tailor-made event for your organization that specifically focuses on your needs.

If you are interested, please contact us at the address below and we will be happy to help your scouting teams discover the technologically advanced ecosystem in Israel.

Following an initial discussion on topics and areas you would like to explore, we will send you a catalogue of relevant Israeli companies so you can choose from which companies you would like to hear a pitch during a dedicated webinar. We are very flexible with the timing and can adapt according to your availability. This service is provided free of charge.

We cover multiple sectors, including Healthcare and Life Sciences, Homeland Security, Aerospace, Cyber, Fashion and Cosmetics, Fintech, Agrotechnology, Advanced Manufacturing / Industry 4.0, Food & Beverage, Cleantech and more.

As an example of this service that our Geneva office provides to Swiss companies, we organized a Webinar for ABB Robotics in January 2021, which was a result of scouting we conducted for the company.

For a number of years, ABB has been exploring the startup potential in the country through several investments by ABB Technology Ventures (ATV) in Israeli startups. For example, ATV has invested in water monitoring solutions company TaKaDu and PointGrab, which offers smart building sensors for building occupant behavior and workplace analytics.

Please see the following link for more information on ABB’s activities in Israel:

The format of the event was 150 minutes, six slots of 25 minutes, each comprising of a 10-minute presentation by the startup (via screen-share) and then 15 minutes for Q&A and a discussion of potential collaboration.

The Israeli companies selected by ABB from a list of more than twenty, prepared with help from the Israel Export Institute, were the following six startups: BionicHive; Caja ‎Robotics; Deep ‎Learning ‎Robotics (DLR); Polygon; RobotAI; and RobotICan.

The ABB large audience comprises Tech Leads and Product Managers from ABB Robotics, including the CTO and people in charge of Partnerships, Ecosystem Strategy and Business Development, Robotics (Head of Innovation) and General Industries Robotics (Tech-Lead). It also includes the VP, Head of ABB Technology Ventures (ATV), amongst other individuals.

During the webinar, some potential POCs were discussed (with DLR and BionicHive).

In addition to this event in January, a new opportunity has developed for collaboration with ABB for the six selected companies.  ABB Robotics has invited them to participate in a second in-house vent called “Startup Challenge”.  This Challenge is divided into three fields: Intuitive Interfaces; Digitalization; and Mobility, under which category the selected companies were invited to participate.