WTO ONLINE TOOLS ePing! Tracking and reacting to Members’ measures and notifications

Products entering a market need to be in line with that market’s product requirements. As a producer, trader or government official, it is important to be informed when a government is planning to revise regulations on product requirements (also referred to as Sanitary or Phytosanitary Measures (SPS) or Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) within the WTO). On the ePing website, you can subscribe to receive email alerts on planned regulatory revisions covering products and/or markets of interest to you. ePing also includes a communication platform where you can discuss these upcoming changes with fellow stakeholders and government officials, such as SPS/TBT enquiry points. SPS/TBT enquiry points often serve as a liaison between national stakeholders and other WTO members and can help tracking and addressing issues related to upcoming regulations.

ePing shares information on product requirements using data compiled by the WTO. WTO Members are normally required to inform each other when planning to change product requirements and provide an opportunity for other Members to comment on these requirements. They do so by submitting a two-page info sheet on the regulation with information on products covered, a brief summary of the regulation and the deadline for providing comments. These info sheets, called SPS or TBT notifications, are sent to ePing users based on their interests.

Who will be interested in using ePing and how to access Israel’s product requirements?

ePing is of potential interest to all types of stakeholders, including government agencies, standardizing bodies, producers, exporters, importers, service providers, small and medium-size enterprises, multinationals, international organizations, research institutes, NGOs etc.

As a trader, who perhaps exports to Israel, you may want to know when Israel are planning to introduce or change SPS or TBT regulations for your product. By registering on ePing, you can receive daily or weekly email alerts containing SPS/TBT notifications covering products/markets (for example Israel) of interest to you. You can also use the ePing website to search for SPS/TBT notifications meeting certain criteria. In addition, ePing can act as a tool for your national enquiry points in managing and reaching out to you as a domestic stakeholders to discuss specific notifications and/or provide complementary information (such as translations). All these features can in turn facilitate the formulation of timely comments on notifications and/or adaptation to new requirements. You can also reach out to your National Enquiry point through this fora to raise specific trade concerns related to notifications.

Find contact details of SPS and TBT Enquiry Points

If you have questions or remarks about a notification, you can either contact your country’s Enquiry Point or the Enquiry Point of the notifying WTO member, in this case Israel. Click on the “enquiry points” link on the menu ribbon to display the list of Enquiry Points. Notice at the top of the page that there are three tabs: TBT Enquiry Points, SPS Enquiry Points and SPS Notification Authorities.