WTO Public Forum 2014, Why trade matters to everyone

More than 9,000 representatives from NGOs, civil society, academia, business, the media, governments, parliamentarians and inter-governmental organizations have attended the Public Forum since it was first launched in 2001.

This year, the Public Forum tells the human story behind trade. It showcases the myriad connections between trade and people’s daily lives and demonstrates how trade improves the day-to-day lives of citizens around the globe. Under this thematic umbrella, three sub-themes are covered: trade and jobs — trade and consumers — trade and Africa. Participants can also share their views on the Doha Round roadmap.

The Forum will begin on 1 October at 9:30 with a keynote speech, to be followed by the opening plenary debate. Another plenary debate will be organized on 2 October at 9:30. In the afternoons, sessions organized by participants will take place. Organizers can choose to organize either working sessions or workshops. Working sessions will have a traditional format, with a panel exchanging views with a moderator and taking questions from the audience while workshops will take the form of informal brainstorming sessions.

You can find the programme herephoto