駐台北以色列經濟貿易處處長杜亞維Aviv Doron 於2022年8月正式履新。


杜處長畢業於以色列內坦亞學院 (Netanya Academic College) 銀行金融系。此外,他亦擁有 Eli Dory 寶石學研究中心的學位; 這項經歷也促使他在為公共部門服務之前曾擔任上海 M.G. Diamonds Ltd. 的西南地區銷售經理。

除了專業歷練外,杜處長過去也投身於其他志願服務。杜處長曾擔任 Eitan-Israel Government Expats 的董事會理事長,過程中他致力於提升外派人員的權利並幫助外派人員培養職業技能。另外,杜處長對音樂抱持著極大的熱情,於20 多歲時就擔任了以色列 DJ 協會的公共關係總監和副理事長。在杜處長擔任該協會要職之時,他成功促進產業內的公平交易,並保護消費者權益,進而倡議立法以建立穩固的產業生態。


Starting from August 2022, Aviv Doron serves as the Head of Israel Economic & Trade Mission in Taipei.

Prior to this position, Aviv was appointed to be the Chief of Staff by the Head of Export and Foreign Investments Promotion Division of Ministry of Economy and Industry of Israel, in which he managed cross-department affairs and coordinated internal structure, budget, and HR planning & management.

Aviv had gained profound skills and knowledge for promoting Israeli trade relations and creating business opportunities when serving as Senior Trade Officer at the Economic & Trade Mission in Chengdu, China. During his years in China, Aviv has started to cultivate his Mandarin ability.

In addition to professional experience, Aviv has also devoted himself to several volunteer works that echo to his passions. As the Chairman of the Board at Eitan- Israel Government Expats, he endeavored to elevate expats’ rights and to assist expats to cultivate occupational skills. With a special passion for music, Aviv took the role of the Public Relations Director and Vice Chairman of Israeli DJ’s Association in his late 20s. Promoting fair trade within the industry, protecting consumer rights for anti-trust market, and influencing legislation towards solid ecosystem are all the fruitful results of his work.

Aviv earned his BA in Banking and Finance from Netanya Academic College in Israel. Also, he holds a degree from the Center of Gemology Studies by Eli Dory. With his background knowledge on gemology, Aviv was the Regional Sales Manager for M. G. Diamonds Ltd. Shanghai, before coming to serve in the public sector.