Israel’s historic landing on UAE trade and investment sphere

In the days following Israel’s historic landing on UAE land, trade and investment teams from both countries continue to discuss future steps.
The Israeli investment and economy group has already met with public and private sector representatives from the UAE. Over the coming years, direct #investments of hundreds of millions of dollars will probably be made in various fields, including #agriculture#energy#health and #defense.
The UAE is an international trade center, thanks to its proximity to Africa, India and other countries. It also has quality human capital of business people who have been educated in the world’s leading academic institutes.

Director General of the Ministry of Economy, David Leffler, said in an interview that everyone involved seems to be in good spirits and are determined to bring this opportunity to its full potential.
Both #Israel and the #UAE are eager to move on to signing governmental and private sector agreements, as well as to arrange a reciprocal visit of an UAE delegation in Israel.
Invest in Israel is excited to fill its role in this pivotal moment of the region’s history. We stand by for future developments and are already in the process of creating the network that will bring Israel and the UAE closer together.

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