The Economic & Trade Mission at the Israeli Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, is the focal point for Israeli based companies working or looking to work in Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia.

We are responsible for promoting and supporting the trade and economic affairs of Israel in the region, attracting FDI, as well as increase the business cooperation between the countries by creating tools facilitating trade and eliminate trade barriers.

By using our expertise and vast network connections worldwide, we are able to expose I.I.T. (Israeli Innovative Technologies) in the local markets and provide cutting edge solutions.

We, at the Mission, also provide local companies, looking to explore investment opportunities in Israeli startups & High Technology companies in various sectors, a comprehensive assistance package.

The Mission ultimate goal is strengthening and facilitating the trade relations between Israel and Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia.


Barak Sharabi

Head of Economic and Trade Mission, Embassy of Israel in Thailand.BarakSharabi

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, Traveled throughout most of the world, Holds 3 degrees in Law, Business and Diplomacy and Security, Served in the Israeli Airforce and currently a Diplomat for the State of Israel. Barak is the Head of the Economic and Trade Mission at the Israeli Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, covering Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia.

Prior to joining the public sector, Barak worked in various positions in the private sector, from strategic consultancy and investments in global markets, ICT and Medical technologies and IP, Antitrust and Commercial Agreements. Barak has various interests from Innovation and Entrepreneurship to International Relations and Defence as well as extreme Sports.