Israel Leads World in Water Tech by Tapping Local Innovation

Israel’s leading position in water technology proves that necessity is the mother of invention. Long before rising global temperatures and populations made water security a worldwide concern, the tiny desert nation of Israel was busy
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How Israeli Technology Is Combating Global Food Waste

An estimated one-third all food produced globally goes to waste. Simply cutting the 1.3 billion tons of annual food waste in half would be enough to feed one billion people. Accordingly, reducing food
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How Israel Is Becoming a Port of Call for Maritime Innovation

When Intel acquired vision-based collision prevention company Mobileye for $15.3 billion in 2017, the blockbuster deal underscored Israel’s prowess in smart transportation, particularly in the autotech sector. But automotive isn’t the only traditional industry
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How Israel Is Drilling Down on Innovation in Mining Technology

From the Dead Sea minerals extracted for fertilizers, flame retardants, and unique health products to the world-renowned local diamond industry, key Israeli industries have long been closely linked to extraction and mining. Although the
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7 Ways Israeli Innovation Has Changed the World in 70 Years

“In order to stand strong, we must empower the talented youth among us to dedicate their lives to scientific research and development. We must help them in any way possible, in all fields.” Those were
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Israel Is Flowing with Innovative Water Technology Solutions for the Mining Industry at Expomin 2018

Israel is largely an arid nation – over 60 percent of the country is desert – so naturally, the country has long been confronted with many of the water issues facing many other nations today.
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5 Israeli precision-ag technologies making farms smarter

Precision agriculture is trending toward complete automated solutions for farm efficiency, increased yield and less waste, say Israeli experts. By Abigail Klein Leichman Precision-agriculture image by Montri Nipitvittaya/ Israeli precision agriculture started
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‘Morning-after pill for chickens’ under development

Israeli startup Eggxyt’s technology to determine the gender of chicken embryos before incubation and hatching sparks interest in Europe and China. By ISRAEL21c Staff JUNE 1, 2017 The Israeli startup
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Desalination Nation: How Israel Is Helping The World Fight Water Shortage

By Kirk D’Souza, NoCamels May 24, 2017 In the hot and arid Middle East, clean water is liquid gold. Faced with limited rainfall and a grueling climate, Israel has increasingly relied on seawater since it
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Israeli gas opportunities

Israel’s Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources,(the Ministry) invites bids for 24 petroleum licences in Israeli Mediterranean offshore area to be granted under the Petroleum Law 5712-1952 (the Law) through this 1st Offshore
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