Innovation Ecosystem

The Israeli innovation ecosystem maintained its leading position in 2019, and is highly ranked in different international indices.

Israel is ranked 6th in Bloomberg’s Innovation Index went up from 10th to 11th place in the Global Innovation Index, and maintained its 6th place position in the Global Start-Up Ecosystem Ranking.

Innovation Ecosystem

In the OECD R&D Intensity Index (R&D investment as a ratio of GDP) Israel continues to hold a leading position, sharing first place with Korea, with its national spending on R&D being 4.5% of the GDP.
R&D investment as a ratio of GDP

Read more at 2019 Innovation Report from Israel Innovation Authority here.


In many ways, modern-day Israel itself is a startup – a country that emerged from the desert sands without natural resources, facing turmoil and conflicts – to beat the odds and become an unprecedented global leader in innovation.

The innovation ecosystem in Israel is a “virtuous circle” that looks outward to solve global problems with vision and tenacity.  

Learn more about Innovation in Israel by downloading a free booklet (courtesy from Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Content includes:

  •      A Tradition of Innovation
  •      Research and Development
  •      Investion and Business Opportunities
  •      Section at A A:
    • ICT
    • Space & Aviation
    • Cyber
    • Fintech
    • Water & Agritech
    • Health & Lifesciences

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Joint R&D Cooperation Program

Israeli and Thai companies engaged in collaborative R&D projects are invited to apply for financial support through the Thailand-Israel R&D Cooperation Program.

The Kingdom of Thailand, and the government of the State of Israel signed a bilateral agreement in 2018 to form the Thailand-Israel program for Industrial R&D with the primary aim of supporting joint industrial R&D projects aimed at the development of products or processes leading to commercialization in the global market.

Thailand National Innovation Agency and Israel Innovation Authority invite Thai and Israeli companies to submit proposals for funding for bilateral technological Innovation projects, involving at least one company from each country, which includes science and technology (S&T) development leading to commercial success, social good and benefit to both countries.


  1. Thailand-Israel Call for Proposals Guidelines
  2. Thailand-Israel Bilateral Cooperation Form
  3. Thailand-Israel Partner Search Form

Please contact for further information, or visit this page.