Israeli Innovation Making Waves at Slush 2018 Convention

Israeli ingenuity is at the forefront of global innovation, with Israeli companies pioneering advanced solutions in fields including cybersecurity, digital health, mobility and smart transportation, automotive, Fintech, and agricultural technology

Given the Startup Nations status as an innovation hub, it is no surprise that a dozen Israeli startups are slated to showcase their technologies at the Slush startup convention in Helsinki from December 45. The event is expected to draw 20,000 attendees from around the world, including leading entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, and journalists.

The conventions firstever Israel Pavilion, organized by the Foreign Trade Administration and the Israel Export Institute will showcase Israels prowess across tech sectors.

Heres a glance at a few of the cuttingedge Israeli companies that will exhibit

·         Harnessing computer vision, data analytics and augmented reality, Edgybees technology creates collaborative virtual worlds on top of realworld scenes, enabling first responders, drone pilots, and other users to significantly improve their situational awareness in realtime and promote collaboration between teams. The companys investors and partners include Motorola, Verizon, Deloitte, and Agile Defence

·         Bringing action figures to life through virtual reality, Ayayu Games offers immersive entertainment to lead the next generation of gaming. The technology uses augmented reality to enable players to fully control their action figure experience.

·         Using actionable insights to provide deep behavioral profiles, KonnecTo helps brands better understand and interact with their customers. By providing insights into 98% of a consumers life, including touchpoints with the brand and competitors, KonnecTo can significantly improve business marketing and targeting decisions. Partners include McCann, Publicis, and CocaCola

The Slush convention comes as the Israeli tech ecosystem shows continued momentum. Israeli startups raised $4.54 billion dollars between January and September of this year. The money marks the highest total during a ninemonth period in the history of Israeli high tech

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