Red Sea – Dead Sea Water Project

The government of Israel and the Kingdom of Jordan hereby advertise a tender for early selection of qualified companies to participate in the “Red Sea – Dead Sea Water Project ” 

Project Announcement

The Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, represented by the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Requests Submission of Prequalification documents from qualified companies and consortia of investors and developers for the Development and Execution of The Red Sea – Dead Sea Water Project (Phase I) On (BOT) BASIS. Following the signing of the memorandum of understanding (MOU), on December 9th, 2013 at the World Bank in Washington DC, and the Bi-Lateral agreement signed on February 26th, 2015,
The Ministry of Water and Irrigation(“MWI”)/Jordan Valley Authority(“JVA”) is seeking submittals of prequalification documents from Qualified Firms or Entities (companies and consortia of investors and developers) for the development and execution of The Red Sea – Dead Sea Water Project-Phase I, in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on a Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis.The purpose of the prequalification process is to prequalify companies and consortia with proven records of expertise required for developing and executing the Project and, consequently, the criteria for the prequalification, as set forth in the call for prequalification document , relates
mainly to such companies’ and consortia’s capabilities and experience.

General Project Description
The Project includes, inter alia, construction of a conveyance system for the transfer of Red Sea water and desalination plant brine to the Dead Sea, including a seawater supply pipeline from the main conveyance pipeline to a seawater desalination facility and a brine discharge pipeline from the desalination facility to the main conveyance pipeline (the “Conveyance System”); a hydroelectric power generation station along the conveyance system with power line connections to the electric grid, if so will be decided (the “Hydroelectric Power Generation Facility”); a seawater desalination facility consisting of a reverse osmosis seawater desalination plant with an eventual capacity of 85 million m3and an initial capacity of 65 million m3of desalinated water per year, including feedwater pretreatment and product water post-treatment systems and a desalinated water storage reservoir, to be constructed north of Aqaba Airport in Jordan (the “Desalination Facility”); a desalinated water pipeline from the desalinated water storage reservoir to the beneficiary consumers. (the “Desalinated Water Pipelines”), (the Conveyance System, the Hydroelectric Power Generation Facility, the Desalination Facility and the Desalinated Water Pipelines, shall each be referred to as a “Project Component” and collectively as the “Project Components”).

Role of Interested Bidders
The Project is to be undertaken by a private sector company or consortium which will be granted necessary rights in relation to the Project. It is anticipated that the winning bidder will establish a special purpose company under Jordanian law for the implementation of the Project (the “Project Company”), which shall undertake the, the implementation of the Red Sea- Dead sea Phase I infrastructure, the management and execution of the infrastructure operations and maintenance, and the planning, procurement, receipt, control and repayment of the project financing. The Project Company will be responsible for arranging and securing all finance required for the Project without any recourse to MWI. The MWI will, however, solicit International Financial Institutions (IFIs) to provide grant and concessionary financing to the Project Company for the purpose of brine disposal and transfer to the Dead Sea. A Candidate shall be either a single company or number of companies cooperating together (Consortium); only those firms or entities that can demonstrate world class experience in construction of water infrastructure, and project financing should respond to this announcement.

Call for Submission of Prequalification Document Purchase
Call for Submission of Prequalification Document is available at the Ministry of Water and Irrigation/Jordan Valley authority, with the intent to provide companies and consortia interested in the project with preliminary information on its technical, financial, legal and commercial dimensions and requirements; and to provide those companies and consortia who, after analyzing this information, decide to participate in the prequalification process (the “Candidates”) with detailed information with respect to this prequalification process
and its requirements. Interested parties are requested to contact the MWI/JVA to obtain a copy of the Call for Submission of Prequalification Document that contains project information and submittal instructions starting from December 1, 2015 and until January 30, 2016, against non refundable price of one thousand Jordanian Dinars (1000 JD) per copy, to be paid in cash or certified check issued from a bank operating in Jordan.
All requests for a copy of the Call for Submission of Prequalification Document must be in writing and submitted on company letterhead with complete contact information including legal name of the entity, country of incorporation, mailing address including street or PO Box, name and phone number of contact persons. A copy of the Call for Submission of Prequalification Document can be obtained from the following address:

Ministry of Water and Irrigation
Jordan Valley Authority
Director of Tenders Dept (JVA), 3rd floor Ministry Building
Shemisani P.O Box 2769 Amman 11181 Jordan
Contact Person: Eng. Nabil Zou’bi/RSDS Project Manager
M: ++962 79 738 1113