Innovative Engineering in Disability Sports

Powered Exoskeletons: Overcoming Vertical Mobility Impairments Lecture by Dr Amit Goffer

6 September 2012


The Royal Academy of Engineering and partners are exploring engineering in disability sport with a programme of events to coincide with the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

The programme, which takes place throughout September, features exciting design concepts, commercial cutting edge technology and debate on how sport drives engineering innovation.

In a public lecture, to be given on 6 September, Dr Amit Goffer will talk about overcoming vertical mobility impairments. Dr Goffer is the Israeli inventor behind the remarkable ‘ReWalk’ powered exoskeleton – the first commercially available upright walking technology to enable wheelchair users with lower-limb disabilities to stand, walk and even climb stairs.

Dr Goffer’s innovation captured the public’s imagination earlier this year after Claire Lomas completed the London Marathon using a bionic ReWalk. He will talk about the merits and types of technologies for supporting up-right ambulation that are replacing the wheelchair, which has been used as a solution to paralysis for 2,000 years, as well as the link between sport and rehabilitation via technology.

After being injured in a horse riding accident in 2007, Ms Lomas was left paralysed from the chest down. After only a few months of training she completed the 2012 Virgin London Marathon; she is the first and only person so far to complete a marathon wearing Dr Goffer’s ReWalk™ suit.

Powered Exoskeletons may enable disabled individuals to carry out every day activities as well as more challenging athletic activities that require upright ambulation. The suit works by sensing shifts in the wearer’s balance, showing their desire to take a step forward, for example, which triggers the suit to mimic the response that the joints would have if they were not paralysed.

This lecture will look at the story behind the ReWalk™ suit, the engineering and theory behind how it works and includes a live

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Update 5 September 2012

The article in Reuters:
UK paraplegic woman first to take robotic suit home


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