Israeli startup Brandsforce raises $1.4 million

Israeli start-up Brandsforce, a plug & play social media marketing platform, yesterday announced it has raised $1.4 million in funding.

Currently backed by private investors, Isaac Fisher (Executive Vice President of The Nielsen Company) and Fred Langhammer, (the former CEO of Estee Lauder International and a board member of The Walt Disney Company), the company has developed a technology that allows brands to manage their marketing activities through brand ambassadors, generating genuine conversations, engagements and measurable actions on social networks.

Nili Goldberg, Founder and CEO of Brandsforce

With the U.S. identified by Brandsforce as a main target for market development, much of the investment came from private investors with strong ties to U.S. market research and global marketing.  Brandsforce is already working with major brands  in the U.S., including Clinique, Pampers and GSK.

Commenting on the current round of investment, founder and CEO, Nili Goldberg said “the fact that our investors are very familiar with the market also contributes to the level of accumulated knowledge society as well as the level of connection and their ongoing commitment to promote the company“.

Brandsforce has already had successful engagements in the UK, following efforts from the Trade & Economic Office at the Embassy of Israel in London.  In March 2012, the Embassy of Israel brought advertising agency MediaCom came to Israel as part of the New Media Delegation, introducing them to Nili Goldberg at the Israel Export Institute.  The opportunities for collaboration were further realised in June when MediaCom attended the Innovate Israel conference where Nili presented as one of our guest speakers.  The conference served as an opportunity for further discussions between the two companies, which lead to Brandsforce collaborating with MediaCom London for six weeks during November and December of 2012 on a special launch for Time Out London’s JUST ASK, sponsored by GSK.

Brandsforce’s role in the JUST ASK campaign was to recruit advocates for TO London, using their social networks to increase exposure and reach for the campaign, create branded engagements, and ultimately drive traffic to a micro-site.  The select group of advocates that were recruited managed to increase the campaign’s exposure to 250,000 people on social media. Each advocate generated over 4,000 exposures, and close to 9.00 engagements. Moreover, the platform enabled the client to use their advocates as sample group to conduct market research relating to what people do when contracting a cold or the flu.

The newly raised investment will enable Brandsforce to continue its penetration in the global marketing arena, enabling brands to gain valuable insights from fans and followers.


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