The Arab-Israeli High Tech Sector

One technology sector to experience an excitingly rapid growth over the last few years, as well as gaining an ever-increasing international interest, is the Arab-Israeli high tech sector. Noah Shani, the Minister for Trade and Economic Affairs at the Embassy of Israel in London recently met with several leading Arab-Israeli high tech companies and was excited by what he saw…

I recently returned from a short trip in Israel, where I was able to meet with a number of Arab-Israeli entrepreneurs and see for myself the exciting and cutting-edge technologies coming from this sector.

The meetings I attended were with companies at different stages at development, but each company had a clear focus on expansion and ultimately exporting their technologies beyond Israel’s borders.

This all took place in Nazareth, a mainly Christian-Arab city that is fast becoming the centre for the ever-expanding Arab-Israeli tech sector, thanks in part to the growth of the Nazareth Industrial Park.

Established by Israeli industrialist Stef Wertheimer, and opened in April of this year, the Nazareth Industrial Park has the facilities to host up to 30 export-orientated firms and is expected to provide between 500 and 1,000 jobs over the decade.

As one of seven employment clusters focusing exclusively on the Arab-Israeli export market with the unofficial theme of ‘No politics, just exports’, this park is clearly playing an active role in strengthening both Nazareth’s local economic base and the wider Israeli economy.

Below are two of the most exciting companies that I met with during my visit to Nazareth. These are of course, just a flavour of what the Arab-Israeli tech sector is producing and a hint of what is causing great anticipation and intrigue.

We are now working with these two companies, as well as with the others that I met during my visit, to help them increase their foothold in the UK markets.


Established in 1993 as a small engineering firm in Nazareth by Imad Younis, ALPHA OMEGA has grown to become a leading medical device company, involved in the neural monitoring and stimulation markets.

From humble beginnings, Alpha Omega has grown into a truly global company, and is today heralded as the leader in neurosurgical equipment used in implanting Deep Brain Stimulators, as well as being a pioneer in introducing cutting-edge technologies to the neuroscience market. Alpha Omega has evolved over the course of almost two decades with the help and close collaboration of world renowned experts and leading research institutions.

Today, Alpha Omega has an extensive and established customer base worldwide, and their products can be found in the most advanced hospitals, universities, and research institutions across the globe. Their equipment has been repeatedly tested and used in hundreds of operating rooms and research labs by leading doctors and scientists.


Alfa Gate was established in 1996 and has since matured to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of oral implantology systems.

Based on a wealth of implant dentistry experience, Alfa Gate systems are characterised by minimum of system components, easy and efficient handling properties of its products and accessories and a dedication to the use of biocompatible materials.

Alfa Gate has also developed its own R&D team, with a great emphasis and effort placed on developing the next generation of products and solutions for oral implantology that are specifically designed to meet the doctors’ changing needs.


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