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Once again, Israeli technology has been making waves and hitting the headlines. This time, it was the turn of the Israeli retail-tech companies who were participating on the TeXchange Future Retail delegation visit to London.

With coverage of the delegation making its way to media outlets such as Globes, Strategyeye, Galey Tzahal, Diginomica, the JC and the Financial Times, this year’s TeXchange programme was a highly successful one, on all counts.

This was not our first outing into the Future Retail arena.  Last summer we organised the UK Future Retail Delegation to Israel, where we introduced Shop Direct to TeXchange 2014 delegate Cimagine.  Discussions ensued and this month Shop Direct will be launching a new app using Cimagine’s augmented reality technology.

As with last year’s programme, TeXchange 2014 for Future Retail was a joint project between the Economic and Trade Mission at the Embassy of Israel in London, the UK Israel Tech Hub at the British Embassy in Tel Aviv and the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute.

With so many applicants for this year’s programme, the selection process was rigorous and extremely competitive: Fifteen Israeli start-ups were selected from over 70 applicants and they were chosen according to their unique offering and relevance to the UK market. As such, those final 15 won their opportunity to come to the UK to present their solutions for the UK retail industry.

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TeXchange 2014’s programme was designed in such a way that over the course of four days, the delegates were introduced and presented to the very best of the UK’s retail industry, in almost every corner of the market. The twelve separate events of the programme included an Israel Future Innovation Day held at BT Tower, visits to and speed-dating sessions with UK retailers, an investment focused event, a reception by the British Prime Minister’s office at Number 10, and several other general networking events including at the Science Museum – where delegates met with retailers, investors, influencers, integrators, media companies plus retail industry experts.

In truth, it was an intense and high-pressured week with the Israeli startups working hard in over 500 meetings.  However, the results are now starting to show with the continuing and deepening conversations on how British retailers can implement these Israeli technological advances into their own operations.

Feedback on the week from both the British and Israeli participants in TeXchange Future Retail has been supremely positive. One of the UK’s leading retailers stated, “We were bowled over by the innovation we saw, and we wish to engage further with six of the startups we met on the night”

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Yaacov Martin, CEO of Israeli startup Jifiti commented, “The TeXchange programme was an extremely important milestone for the development of our business. It was organized meticulously and focused on all the relevant areas for our business. Not only was the organisers’ passion and determination evident, but it was clear that they put a tremendous amount of thought and effort into contacting and introducing the delegations to the appropriate parties. I have been on similar trips in the past but all paled in comparison to this one. We are grateful for all your hard work and impressed by the success you bring to our companies.”

With their appetite whetted, we are now in the process of organising programmes for several UK retailers who have made the decision to visit Israel to gain further from Israel’s advances in Future Retail.

This TeXchange Future Retail Delegation has been lauded as a great example of how well these two countries are working together, and with UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, visiting Israel in that same week – signing several MoUs in the process (including one for digital government) – the week of 10 March 2014 has proven to be landmark week for the Israel-UK business relationship.

We are in midst of very exciting times and there is more great work ahead.

The article which appeared in the JC can be found here:



Israel’s Future Retail Innovators:

C-B4 (Predictive Analytics)
C-B4 offers a unique pattern-based predictive-analytics technology for analysing complex systems and processes by monitoring and forecasting changes in the customers’ purchasing behaviour, for different products, across stores and chains.

Cimagine (Augmented Reality)
Cimagine offers the first true markerless solution enabling retailers and brands to augment commerce in an immediate, hassle-free manner for retailers to augment their e-commerce website, mobile web, mobile apps and printed media quickly and without costly maintenance.

Easy Social Shop (Social Shopping)
Easy Social Shop is a powerful Social Commerce solution, allowing you to import your current online store into your Facebook fan page.

EZface (Digital Mirror)
EZface developed an innovative software that converts digital photographs into a personal “Virtual Mirror” through which customers can visualize how they actually look wearing various makeup products and hair colours and decide which products fit their desire.

Fashioholic (Fashion Gamification)
Fashioholic creates online games designed to captivate consumers and increase sales. Such games provide brands and retailers an effective marketing channel, insights into their consumer base and foresights into eCommerce trends.

Jifiti (Gifting)
Jifiti is a free gift giving app that allows you to give or get gifts. Combining mobile technology with online & in-store shopping.

Keeprz (Loyalty)
Keeprz is an innovative One-Stop-Shop mobile loyalty platform. Keeprz helps brands and brick & mortar retailers to engage customers, know them better and keep them coming back.

KitLocate (Consumer Location Intelligence)
KitLocate adds location relevancy to your mobile app, enabling effective user engagement and targeted marketing like never before.

Mabaya (Recommendation Engine)
Mabaya Smart Marketing In-Site, helps businesses maximise results through efficient utilisation of their already owned media and traffic. We believe that achieving this requires being Smart, understand Marketing and having Insight.

Marketyze (Competitive Price Intelligence)
Marketyze helps on-line and traditional retailers to price more effectively.  We use Big-Data techniques to match, mine and analyse competitive pricing and assortment data in an effective and fully automated process – with high frequency and over any number of SKUs and competitor sites.

Mipso (Fashion Sizing Recommendation)
MIPSO provides a comprehensive solution that has revolutionized e-commerce for women & men’s apparel, solving the fit problem, increasing brand loyalty and reducing return rates.

RFKeeper (Inventory Management)
RFKeeper provides Plug & Play RFID Products for Fashion Retailers that can be fully deployed within hours.

Riskified (Fraud Prevention)
Riskified reviews, approves & guarantees transactions you would otherwise decline. All approved transactions are guaranteed in an event of fraud. You only pay us when we approve a transaction and you sell more.

Shopcloud (In Store Navigation)
INSIDE introduces the most advanced indoor navigation solution that will make your visitors feel right at home from their very first step. Our service is accessible to everyone, wherever they go.

SkyGiraffe (Mobile Enterprise Platform)
SkyGiraffe empowers enterprises to fully utilise and mobilise their data by providing valuable information to increase workforce productivity. We do this by providing the integrated tools to make it exceptionally easy to perform anywhere and anytime.