Israel making waves in the UK

Earlier this month 27 high-tech Israeli companies descended on London. Amongst these were 12 of the hottest water technologies coming from Israel.

Group work

Between 10-13 March, London hosted 27 of Israel’s most exciting and creative technology start-ups, including 12 of the very best of Israel’s water-tech industry. The water delegation visited as part of a unique UK-Israel technology exchange programme, which also featured 15 Israeli future Retail startups with solutions for the UK retail industry.

The Israeli water delegation visited London as part of an effort to identify opportunities for Israeli and British companies to collaborate in the water sector in international markets.  The main feature of the delegation was the UK-Israel Water Tech Day 2014: “Innovation Today, Innovation Tomorrow”. The 50-person workshop, hosted at Arup’s London headquarters, set out to identify opportunities to align British and Israeli strengths in the water sector to promote a collaborative approach to tackling the biggest challenges surrounding water management globally.

Sir Mark Walport

Sir Mark Walport, Chief Scientific Adviser to HM Government and Head of the Government Office for Science delivered the keynote address on the UK government’s priorities in the area of water innovation. At the event were leading British water utility companies, engineering firms, SMEs and industry experts who all participated in the programme to address the future of the industry and the challenges it will face. These conversation allowed for in-depth discussions on how UK and Israeli companies could work together to address these challenges.

The business mission – the second of its kind – was a joint initiative by the Economic and Trade Mission at the Embassy of Israel in London and the UK Israel Tech Hub at the British Embassy, Israel, with the support of the Israeli Export Institute and Israel NewTech.

In addition to participating in the UK-Israel Water Tech Day, the delegation also attended the World Water Tech Investment Summit, where 3 Israeli companies were amongst the high-profile speakers at the two day global summit.

Both the retail and the water delegations also attended a reception by the British Prime Minister’s office at Number 10 Downing Street, as well as other general networking events. The success of both delegations demonstrated how Israeli innovation is giving British companies a global competitive edge and how British companies are helping Israeli innovation go global.


Full Details on the Delegation can be seen below:

TaKaDu is a global leader in Water Network Management, allowing water utilities to improve network efficiency and make smart short and long-term planning decisions. Using advanced statistical and mathematical algorithms, TaKaDu harnesses the power of multiple data sources generated by utilities, translating their raw data into actionable insights.

Mapal Green Energy
Mapal has developed an innovative, patented and cost-effective floating fine bubble aeration (FFBA) system. It has been designed for efficient aeration in wastewater treatment lagoons and in biological reactors at every scale of operation.

Hutchison-Kinrot is the global leading seed investor in water technologies and a seed investor in Cleantech related technologies. Hutchison-Kinrot operates as an incubator under a franchise from the Israeli Office of the Chief Scientist and holds a diverse portfolio of early stage start-ups, providing a unique platform for the development and commercialization of clean technologies with hands on support and unmatched access to international markets.

Aquarius Spectrum has developed a near real-time, automatic leak detection system based on proprietary algorithms, statistic artifact rejection and a fixed network of wireless acoustic sensors.

AGM is a provider of smart Communication & Control solutions for SCADA and DCS systems, with 30 years of experience in the area of Water /Wastewater, Oil & Gas, Energy and Environmental real-time monitoring and control.

Curapipe is a pioneering developer of a breakthrough leak curing solution for buried pipe infrastructure from within. Focused on urban water distribution networks that constantly leak, Curapipe is positioning its solution as a low cost alternative to water mains replacement/renewal.

Top-lt-Up Ltd
A New, Unique, Evaporation Control, System for Open Reservoirs to Conserve Water Resources. The Top-Up Ball® System is an innovative and unique modular floating cover for open reservoirs. The technology was developed and patented by Top-It-Up Ltd, formed in 2010, to significantly reduce water losses from evaporation, minimising formation of harmful algae whilst, at the same time, improving water quality.

Booky Oren Global Water Technologies
Consultancy specialising in Water technologies.

IDE Technologies ltd
A world leader in water treatment solutions, IDE specializes in the development, engineering, construction and operation of enhanced small to large desalination facilities and industrial water treatment plants.

IOSight is a solution provider of cost effective BI / Data Management and reporting system for water & energy infrastructure facilities, reducing costs, improving efficiency, increasing productivity, saving energy and supplying regulatory compliance.

Amiad provide outstanding filtration technology to industrial, municipal and irrigation users around the world. Amiad filtration systems are more than just effective and reliable – they’re environmentally sound and possess; No chemicals, No polymers, A bare minimum of back flush water, Reduced energy demand – many of their systems don’t even require electricity. Moreover, their small footprint saves valuable installation space.

Ayyeka is a one-stop shop for monitoring solutions that upgrade your business to meet the monitoring needs of the future in one simple step. Ayyeka believe that monitoring should be easier, faster and cheaper – and that the upgrading process should be that way, too.
That is why they build all-in-one modular kits that easily fit onto any infrastructure and send the data straight to your computer.