This week, the Embassy of Israel in London, together with Facebook, launched an exciting competition for UK based technology startups.

The competition aims to find the UK’s best early-stage startups – to join entrepreneurs from across Europe at a boot camp in Tel Aviv, which boasts the second largest concentration of Startup companies in the world.

This year’s outstanding judges include industry leaders from Facebook and Google, as well as The Next Web editor Martin Bryant and HE Daniel Taub, Israel’s Ambassador to the UK. The competition is open to Tech-startups in the Early Seed fund stages, and the winner will be flown to Israel to participate in the DLD Tel-Aviv Digital Conference, joining 19 other winners from around the world in meetings with investors, experts and entrepreneurs.

Last year’s winners were Al Mackin and Tom New of Formisimo, a unique startup which created a tool to measure how visitors interact with online forms. Speaking after their trip last year, Al said, “The competition came at a key stage in my business and we left Israel feeling even more energised about my start-up but also about the tech industry in the UK.” He continued, “I don’t know where our journey will eventually lead us – we’re in the middle of our first funding round – but Israel, through the hard work of the Israeli embassies, will be an important part of our history.”

To enter the competition visit Follow Bizcamp Tel Aviv on twitter at @BizcampTelAviv.