OurCrowd, the Israel-based global equity crowdfunding platform for accredited investors, reported significant growth and expansion during 2014. In under just two short years, OurCrowd has established itself as a major international leading force in the equity crowdfunding industry, raising over $100M for 56 portfolio companies, many of which won international awards. CEO Jon Medved was voted CrowdFund Beat’s 2014 Person of the Year and the company was the top ranked equity crowdfunding platform on KPMG’s top 50 FinTech innovator list (ranked #22).

“This is just the beginning,” said Jon Medved. “In 2014 we continued to be the leading player in the equity crowdfunding arena. Our achievements, along with the growth of our portfolio companies, has allowed us to continue to make huge strides in this exciting industry.”

OurCrowd Achievements in 2014

The OurCrowd community now includes 7,000 investors hailing from 94 countries with 67% of our investors investing in more than one company. This past year, OurCrowd conducted 160 investor events in 12 countries. The company now has offices on 3 continents with 70 employees throughout the world.

  • Currently in the process of raising the largest equity crowdfunding round in the history of the industry:$5.6M in the online asset backed lending platform Borro
  • Raised $100M dollars for 56 portfolio companies
  • Nearly 3,000 vetted deals to select the 56 portfolio companies
  • An average investment round of $1.6M, six deals completed with over $3M invested
  • Has completed 22 follow-on rounds for its portfolio on the platform proving that crowdfunding will continue to support good companies as they grow
  • Completed its second funding round of $26M, bringing the total invested in the OurCrowd platform to over $31M in two equity rounds

OurCrowd Portfolio Company Awards

OurCrowd portfolio companies cover major investment sectors from Fintech, Cybersecurity, Medtech, Agritech, Big Data, the Internet of Things, Robotics and more, and received major international accolades and awards in 2014:

  • ReWalk Robotics (NASDAQ: RWLK): 1st equity crowdfunding-backed IPO and OurCrowd’s 1st exit becomes one of the best performing IPO’s of 2014
  • Apploi wins Tabby Award and the Best Business Product iPad app 2014, and comes in #3 at the Web Summit Dublin
  • Consumer Physics and enVerid snag two of the top ten Israeli startup awards in Globes’ – E&Y competition
  • Curiyo wins PCMag Editors’ Choice Award
  • BillGuard wins Google’s best Android app 2014
  • Freightos wins one of three Grand Awards at StartmeupHK among 555 startups
  • Trendlines and two of its companies received the Best Incubator and startup awards from Israel’s Office of the Chief Scientist