While the Anuga trade show is a bi-annual event taking place in Cologne Germany, each event feels a bit different. Nevertheless, from the UK perspective, it was a very successful event, with the UK’s most prominent retailers taking the time to visit the “Taste of Israel” pavilion.

The arrival of one major British retailer was particularly pleasing given they had already taken time to attend the major ‘Taste of Israel’ event organised by the Israel Export Institute and the Embassy of Israel this past July in London. Working with a major supermarket in Britain would be ideal for the ambitious Israeli brands although to actually get listed and to sell successfully in Britain is challenging.

The UK supermarket sector is currently going through a period of dramatic change, with new players entering the market and the existing major players struggling to maintain their market share. However, every effort to ensure the Israeli brands are successful will be made, leading them through all the necessary steps.

Once the event is over, it is the responsibility of the Israeli brands to follow-up on any leads. If a company is serious, they will usually request samples and then assess price and minimum order quantity before making an order. For the majority of the exhibitors, turning even one lead into a successful contract or order, is worth their investment of time and money.