On 27th November, at Mayfair’s Beaumont Hotel, leading investment platform and gateway company ExitValley, had a showcase event, promoting some of Israel’s most promising Start-Ups, with a view to raising the needed capital to grow. We helped ExitValley by exposing their innovative platform to our network base.

Per Capita, Israel produces more Start-Ups than any other nation, with close to a thousand new tech companies registered in 2016 alone. While an abundance of talent is obviously very exciting, on the down side, the array of options can make the task of making the ‘right’ investment, very daunting for prospective investors.

Exit Valley therefore plays a crucial role in selecting and filtering companies looking for investment. In what is already a highly competitive marketplace, Exit Valley’s in-house team of investors and finance professionals ensures the companies with the greatest opportunity for success are put forward to potential investors.

At the actual event itself, six Israeli companies pitched, given five minutes each to an audience mainly comprised of serious Investors. Among these companies were;

Pruvo, a software company that finds hotel rooms at the best possible price using AI


Tethys Solar Desalination that address the major challenges of providing clean water to those in need, using the latest water desalination thermal solutions.


Sayvu, which specializes in global tracking and management of personal


Corebone – Bioactive Coral Bon Graft solution.


Mircod – IoT development platform using advanced AI


Check-in – Hotel app customer service solution.



We wish ExitValley lots of success in shining a light on the amazing technologies that are emerging from Israel and we hope to work with them in the future.

By Peter Wynch (Trade Officer, Embassy of Israel)