Israel’s Chief Scientist addresses London’s Fintech Scene

Chief Scientist Ami Appelbaum’s delegation to the Fintech Conference in London

On Tuesday 13th February a key delegation from the top ranks of the Ministry of Economy visited London, the world’s first financial hub, to reinforce the important role that the United Kingdom and its financial sector play for the Israeli economy.

The Trade Office in London, in partnership with the London Stock Exchange, Israel Bonds and the Office of the Lord Mayor made this a special occasion to expose the vibrant Israeli Fin-tech ecosystem to the main banks, investment funds and financial players in the City by organizing a Fin-tech Conference at Mansion House, the Lord Mayor’s Residence in the City of London.

After participating as special guest to the opening ceremony of the London Stock Exchange, The Chief Scientist, Dr. Ami Applebaum delivered an enthusiastic speech in front of British senior decision makers and the representatives of 14 Israeli Fintech companies selected by the Trade Office and the Export institute. The Chairman of the Export Institute, Adiv Baruch, and Prof. David Gershon, Dean of the Gershon Center at Hebrew University, also gave highly informative speeches that captivated the audience and paved the way for the pitches of the Fintech companies presenting solutions that draw on AI, data analytics and machine learning to deliver cutting-edge solutions within Trading, Risk management, Authentication, Compliance and much more.

An intense B2B session followed, allowing 56 meetings and many more networking opportunities to flourish under the roof of one of the most prestigious institutions in London.

Please see the catalogue below to gain more insight into the Israeli companies that presented at the event.

Israeli Companies – Catalogue – February 2018

Client Engagement & Behavioral Optimization
1 iCapital iCapital develops process automation and decision-making algorithms for the financial industry, including tools for customer onboarding, robo-advisory, digital form filling, pricing and promotion management, and real-time decision-making support. iCapital developed three products: iBroker, an online platform for selling financial products for insurance agencies, financial brokers, and banks; iPro, a distributor management platform for financial product vendors; and iCom, a financial portal and virtual supermarket of financial products for shopping groups.
2 EasySend EasySend has developed an universal interface for managing (receiving and sending) digital forms. EasySend is a platform that enables businesses to present customers with digital forms through a simple interface on mobile and desktop, receive and process completed forms, automatically update their CRM with information from digital forms, and utilize a smart-sign feature that enables customers to digitally sign forms and documents directly from their mobile devices.
3 Glassbox Glassbox Ltd. provides businesses with big-data behavioral and content-analytics solutions for web and mobile.
The platform captures, records, analyzes, and replays customers’ digital sessions.
This record-replay technology promotes a full understanding of how exactly customers interact with business websites, indicating what they are doing and why. As a result, Glassbox clients can maximize customer satisfaction, significantly improve conversion ratios, reduce operating costs, and increase revenue from lost transactions.
4 Optimove  

Optimove is a leading technology solution based on a cutting edge Artificial Intelligence platform that utilizes predictive analytics, machine learning, and micro-segmentation. The system empowers banking and financial services companies to maximize revenue, increase life time value and cross promotion of their customer base.

Optimove’s Relationship Marketing Hub orchestrates hyper-targeted marketing communications across an omni-channel environment at scale, empowering brands to generate growth. Optimove orchestrated marketing improves baseline KPI’s using iterative recommendations to drive statistically significant monetary uplift.

With offices in New York, London and Tel-Aviv, and a successful round of 20M USD, Optimove grew by 420% over the past 3 years, with more than 280 global brands using Optimove as their core Customer Data Platform.




Cyber, Authentication & Compliance
1 Nsknox  

nsKnox develops cyber security technology for financial institutions. Its Transaction Authority solution, which is built on top of nsKnox’s Cooperative Cyber Security platform, protects financial transactions from fraud and data manipulation and enables open, flexible, and trusted banking for B2B and B2C organizations.

2 Cappitech  

Cappitech is a privately held Financial Technology Boutique offering bespoke trading and reporting solutions to both buy side, sell side and major service providers.  With over 15 years experience, we understand the challenges of operating within financial markets and have developed numerous solutions for industry leading financial institutions. Using our years of building customized solutions led to the creation of Capptivate, a cloud based and multi-jurisdiction regulatory reporting hub. Servicing EMIR, Dodd-Frank, MiFID and ASIC, Capptivate is an easy to implement and cost-effective alternative to self reporting or delegated reporting to a Prime Broker


3 Shield

Financial Compliance


Shield Financial Compliance provides a comprehensive compliance record keeping platform for financial institutions. Shield has already helped customers, including trading venues, retail banks, investment firms, and asset managers, to comply with MiFID II, Dodd-Frank, and the new wave of regulations.
Shield’s pre-integrated platform connects to the firm’s structured and unstructured data sources, including voice, email, chat, social media, OMS, and any related documentation. It stores the original encrypted files in a compliance archive data vault on premises or in the cloud. All that information can then be easily investigated via the single-view compliance investigation hub.


4 Telemessage  

The TeleMessage Mobile Archiver allows enterprises to archive the SMS, MMS and Mobile calls of employees in line with current regulations (Finra, MiFID II ). In addition, TeleMessage integrates with leading email archiving vendors, so your customers can store mobile text messages in the same archive where they store your emails and documents.  We provide several archiving methods (which you can mix and match) for BYOD and Corporate phones.
TeleMessage brings 18 years of experience in the deploying solutions for Tier1 telecom carriers, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies. Some of our customers include Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Rogers Wireless, Capital One Bank and many more




Risk & Process Optimization
1 Sapiens DECISION  

The Sapiens DECISION suite is a multi-component platform that provides the ability to model, test, manage, govern, deploy, execute and monitor enterprise scale decision management. It is in use by a majority of the top ten international financial institutions to reduce their cost of change, improved their corporate regulatory compliance, and improve their strategic outcomes.

2 CardLife  

Cardlife helps companies to manage & optimize all their SaaS spending in one place.

3 Matrix matrix executes some of the largest IT projects in Israel. It develops and implements leading  technologies, software solutions and products. matrix provides infrastructure and consulting services, outsourcing, offshore, nearshore, training and assimilation services. It represents and markets leading software vendors. Among its customers are most of the leading Israeli organizations and companies in the industry, retail, banking and finances, education and academe, Hi-tech and ISVs, telecom, defense, health and the government/public sectors.matrix is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. matrix’s share is included in the TA-100 index as well as in Tel-Div 20, the prestigious index of the highest dividend yield companies.


Investments, Trading & Financing
1 HedgeWiz  

HedgeWiz provides financial stability to global businesses by providing a platform for currency risk management, ensuring that organizations are aware of and neutralize their foreign exchange exposures. The company partners with financial business leaders to help them grow without foreign currency disruption.

2 Invoice Cycle  

Invoice Cycle is a collaboration of finance and technology with backgrounds from some of the largest finance and technology institutions in the world. We are passionate about helping small and medium businesses find better ways to finance their growth. Our online tools help us see the real value of your business, by taking into account assets that a traditional bank would not recognize. By doing so, we hope to provide financing exactly when you need it most — and in a clear structure, that suits the patterns of your cashflow. Above all, we value our relationship with our customers. If you have any queries, comments or suggestions, please be in touch directly to see if we can help.


3 Sensepass  

SensePass has developed a proprietary secure communication and identification platform based on Bluetooth Low Energy. The technology can be integrated into any mobile app and connects with other mobile devices or tiny sensors that can be installed on-site, integrating with banking devices and services such as ATM, branch services, banker services, POS, etc.




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