The Water Emergency Relief took place June 12-14 in the Shafdan, Israel.

Jean Spencer, delegate from Anglian Water, who travelled to Israel to learn the practice of desalination, was part of the international panel featuring a few world leaders in the water industry.

These players came together on this day to discuss the matter of how to deal with emergencies and how to cooperate to contribute to innovation.

In recent years we were witness to many emergencies involving the water sector, from climate change to severe droughts, floods to fires. Countries can’t afford the chance to have limited supply of water, that is the reason why the Israeli Water Authority offered a showcase of several solutions during this occasion.

During the panel “Been there done that”, Jean Spencer presented the big challenge that the UK faces today. Anglian Water is trying to find solutions for potential future droughts. The last time this happened was in 2012. They are now working together with the Environment agency to be prepared for such occasions.