The trade mission in London will participate in the Future Food-Tech conference, which will take place on October 18th-19th 2018 at London.
About the conference:
Future Food-Tech is an international innovation and investment summit held annually in London, San Francisco and New York. Harnessing technology to address the critical issues facing the world’s food industry, the summit brings together global food-tech brands, investors and entrepreneurs to accelerate the adoption and commercialisation of new products and solutions. This year’s programme focuses on plant-based and cultured proteins, personalised nutrition, ingredient innovation, gene-editing for health and sustainability, and food waste reduction, featuring 60 game-changing speakers and the most exciting start-ups on the market.

The Israeli companies that will attend to the conference are:
1. The Kitchen hub:
2. inspecto:
3. Amai Proteins:

About the Food-Tech industry in Israel:
Israel is a hotbed of innovation for health and wellness Israeli companies have attracted a buzz of interest from around the globe. From farm-to-fork, there is a whirlwind of innovative health and wellness solutions, from food brands to ingredients
manufacturers, flavour and fragrance producers to state-of-the-art delivery systems for important health benefits.
Technology applied to “farm-to-fork” uses Israel is known around the world for its high-tech sector. In Israel, as in Silicon Valley, there is a trend to apply cutting edge computer and engineering technologies to challenge the traditional food industry with innovative solutions. These technologies range throughout the whole food supply-chain, from the farm to post-harvest technologies, food processing and analytics, packaging and delivery and home preparation – Hence the phrase “farm-to-fork”.
in Israel, there is a dynamic and thriving ecosystem of researchers, entrepreneurs and capital that endlessly create new technologies and business ideas.
This creative energy has led to the development of many Israeli companies providing technologies, services and products for the health and wellness industry.

Some of the highlights of companies that create, manufacture and market nutrition ingredients are Lycored, which created
the segment of lycopene from tomatoes and Algatechnologies, a global leader in astaxanthin from algae.

Healthier food
Healthier food is on the agenda around the world. Whether it is fortifying with additional nutrition ingredients or reducing sodium or sugar content, Israeli companies are on the forefront of innovation. Frutarom, a multinational company headquartered in Israel, has a broad portfolio of nutrition ingredients.
Salt of the Earth which has developed a unique all-natural flavour enhancerfor sodium reduction in foods and Douxmatok which has created a sweetness enhancer for sugar reduction, are two examples of the vibrant Israeli companies creating technologies to answer the need for healthier food.

Government-Academic institutes/incubators/specialty funds
An ecosystem of start-up incubators and investment funds focused on health and food technologies from the farm-to-the-fork (agriculture, processing, packaging, consumer products) has developed in Israel in the last number of years. The Technion, Weizmann Institute of Science, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Volcani Center Agricultural Research Organization are academic institutions that are global leaders of scientific understanding for health, food and nutrition. The Kitchen and Foodlab Capital are two examples of Israeli private-sector start-up incubators and venture capital that help support the commercialization of new technologies and companies.