Vayavision’s autonomous vehicle perception system raised $8M

Vayavision, an Israeli start up based in Tel Aviv, has just announced an $8M founding round led by Viola Ventures, Mizmaa Ventures, and OurCrowd, with strategic investment from Mitsubishi UFJ Capital and LG Corp.

Vayavision’s technology which is based on raw data fusion and perception systems for self-driving vehicles, can recreate a model of the surroundings of a vehicle by combining the environment data given by the car.

Ronny Cohen, CEO and co-founder of VAYAVISION said “If you look at the first generation autonomous driving systems, they are based on something called Object Fusion architecture. It means that you would be doing separate processing for each sensor on the vehicle – be it the cameras, LiDAR, or the RADAR,” he continues “None of these sensors are good enough on its own, and even if we try to fuse the detection base, we have got a problem as all the singular detections are not reliable enough.”

“There are too many misdetections and false alarms in sensors. What we suggest is raw data detection – give us the raw unprocessed data from all the sensors, and we will make an optimal decision based on all the data,” Cohen concluded.

The funding will now aim at increasing international partnerships as well as invest in more marketing means.

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