Bett show 2019

We are happy to announce that Annoto ( ) is a finalist of Bett Awards 2019 in the category “HIGHER EDUCATION OR FURTHER EDUCATION DIGITAL SERVICES”.

Annoto is one of the Israeli Ed-Tech companies which will be exhibiting in the Israeli pavilion at BETT 2019, taking place in London from January 23rd-26th.

More about Annoto:
Annoto turns static, 1-way video into an interactive group experience, where participants contribute, share and learn together.
As a group, users feel empowered by having a voice and the ability to provide feedback. The result is increased engagement and motivation to learn, resulting in higher retention and performance.
In addition to enriching the overall participant experience, supported by comprehensive analytics and insights, Annoto enables a 360° view on how users interact with the video content and with each other.
Annoto provides “Institution-aware” moderation and role-based user access control capabilities and analytics.
As for integrations, Annoto seamlessly attaches as an overlay to any online video player, LMS (using e-learning standards), or website platform without changing anything in the current infrastructure.

Attached below, please find a link to Annoto Video.