Israeli innovation, expertise and long term planning have seen the country become a global leader not just regionally, but internationally. Israel’s success in water technology can be seen when examining how annually, Israel recycles approximately 85% of its water, exceeding Spain in second place at 17% and Australia at 10%. The USA records only 1% of water re-use. The country boasts 5 top desalination plants in Ashkelon, Palmachim, Hadera, Soreq and Eilat which have transformed the reliance on conventional water resources, contributing to 42% of Israel’s current domestic water requirements.

Israeli companies have been enhancing the nation’s innovation levels & reinforcing its’ reputation as the Start-Up Nation, and now Smart-Up Nation. Innovation in the field of sustainability is evident – Ayala, an international group of sustainability experts, uses natural, energy free tools to restore balance to the environment, exporting projects ranging in scope –  from acid mine draining remediation in Chile to urban sewage treatment in India. WINT employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) calling an alert to when water is leaking, and then automatically shutting it off. Employed in Resorts in the USA to Business Towers, WINT helps with saving money, time and most importantly, water!

From 18-21st November, WATECH Israel 2019 will be showcasing Israel’s impressive array of water technologies, partnering with over 30 of Israel’s most inventive water companies as well as the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Israeli Export Institute. The event will see the launch of the world’s first ever ‘Water Week’, with a weeklong schedule of activities, designed to bring industry leaders together to address contemporary challenges facing the sector.

The Israeli Embassy in the UK is extremely proud to be partnering with this event and for more information about WATEC Israel, please contact: