Series: Israel Innovation in the times of Corona – Binah

The Corona crisis has been taking a toll on healthcare systems around the world which have been struggling with the shortages of beds, protective medical equipment and most importantly – the medical staff.

Thankfully, Israeli tech-companies have been active during these difficult times and kept inventing technologies which enable medical systems around the world to better cope with the crisis and save peoples lives.

Introducing – Combatting the Spread of COVID-19 with REAL-TIME, REMOTE Video-based Vital Signs Monitoring

One such company is – an enterprise with broad expertise in the areas of machine & deep learning, signal processing, and artificial intelligence to address world-wide pressing issues in sectors such as digital healthcare, insurance and industry 4.0 manufacturing.

To alleviate the overwhelmed medical staffs’ workload, BINAH invented an app which allows doctors and nurses to remotely monitor patients using only their smartphones.

Recently, the importance of this technology was highlighted by World Health Organization’s (WHO) release of the document: ‘Clinical management of severe acute respiratory infection (SARI) when COVID-19 disease is suspected’. The document emphasizes the critical importance of monitoring oxygen saturation (SpO2) in COVID-19 suspects, as an indication of a respiratory-related issue. Numerous other medical publications showed the relation between low levels of SpO2 rates and predictions of pneumonia. The monitoring of the oxygen saturation rate is the basis of Binah’s solution.

How does it work?’s real-time, remote vital signs monitoring app allows anyone to easily measure oxygen saturation, respiration rate, heart rate and HRV – just by looking into a smartphone camera. These important measurements, in combination with other symptoms – such as fever, coughing or a sore-throat – can greatly aid health professionals in deciding whether a patient should seek further medical attention or, conversely, reduce risking exposure by remaining safely at home.

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